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Image saying that Wind farms are not green

New Wind Turbine Disadvantages Revealed

The wind market in numerous countries has experienced a remarkably fast growth of capacity in the last couple of years, and this speedy growth is expected to continue, but there is a downside to wind farms not previously known. In this article new wind turbine disadvantages are revealed.   Governments in lots of countries are […]

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Anaerobic digestion NFU image

Anaerobic Digestion NFU Policy

The UK’s National Farmers Union (nfu) in their Anaerobic Digestion NFU Policy,¬†strongly supports the use of anaerobic digestion in agriculture. In addition they have issued a number of statements on the subject, a sample of which we have quoted below: Anaerobic Digestion – our Vision for 1000 AD plants on farms – NFU … This […]

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Steve Last Anaerobic Digestion blogger

From Anaerobic Digestion News to Here!

After blogging about Anaerobic Digestion and biofuels for at least the past 4 years or so, via a “blogger blog” named Anaerobic Digestion News I am feeling rather restrained by the limitations of the blogger blog format. That’s the reason for starting afresh with this new blog. However, I must say that such thoughts are […]

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