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Image showing rice straw which has been harvested by hand

Biogas Plant Substrate Mixing During Fermentation Creates a Stir with AD Plant Operators

The importance of “creating a stir” in the fermentation tanks of fully mixed bio-reactors for better biogas yields, and improved process stability, is becoming better understood by many AD plant clients around the globe, as more Anaerobic Digestion Plants are being built and the biogas industry matures. A scan of world news on this subject revealed that […]

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Malaysian Palm Oil Millers Tap In To Huge Biogas Potential

Malaysian Palm Oil Millers Tap In To Huge Biogas Potential– This article,,which is quoted from the Malaysia Star, very eloquently describes how Malaysian Palm Oil Millers are incresingy tapping in to the huge biogas potential which exists from their abundant palm wastes, left over once they have extracted the palm oil. The figures are very compelling […]

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