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Aerocover awarded ADBA award

UK AD and Biogas Association Award Goes to Aerocover for AD Odour Control

Aerocover¬†(TM) is described as a unique new odour-controlling,¬†lightweight polymer-coated aggregate which floats on otherwise very smelly lagoons. If, like me your mind is finding this difficult to comprehend, read it again. Yes, it is a form of stone (aggregate) which is light enough to float, and the AD community should clearly pay attention to this […]

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The Revolutionary Solution to Anaerobic Digestion Plant Odour!

The Revolutionary Solution to Anaerobic Digestion Plant Odour!– AirSteril Maxi Thermal Unit Now there is a new New Air Purification and Odour Prevention Device which appears to be, by all reports, a revolutionary development for the waste and resource management industry. In recent months it has been trialled by leading waste disposal company Viridor Waste Management […]

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