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40 Percent of Waste Diverted in Calgary Green Cart Project

Calgary green cart project must be considered a huge success. By diverting a declared 40% of these waste materials which are now being sent into recycling initiatives, which we presume also keeps that percentage of waste out of the local landfills.

Now that’s something which must be hugely popular with the local communities who dislike their landfill neighbours so much!

Read the paragraphs below which expalin what has been happening, however for a full understanding we recommend that you click the link at the bottom of this post and visit the association’s new website:

440000 kg of waste diverted in Calgary green cart project

The City of Calgary says its green cart pilot project has already reduced household garbage by 40 per cent compared to communities without the service.

The city says the project, currently underway in Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge and Southwood, has converted 440,000 kilograms of food and yard waste into 17,000 bags of compost.

As part of the project, residents receive a green cart, a kitchen pail for food scraps inside the home, compostable bags to line the kitchen pails and paper yard waste bags.

The city then picks up the green bins every week and the contents turned into high-quality compost rather than going to the landfill.

The collected food and yard waste goes to a commercial composting facility near Strathmore that can break down the materials in a few months.

On average, food and yard waste makes up nearly 60 per cent of our household garbage.

The green cart accepts a broader range of food and yard waste compared to what can be put in backyard composters. All food can go in the green cart, as well as many items that cannot be composted at home, such as meat, bones, breads, dairy products, fish, cooked foods and paper plates. city is trying to cut down on 80 per cent of household garbage ending up in landfills by 2020.”

Of course, at this blog we are big fans of anaerobic digestion, so we would hope that rather than compost food waste, the city will eventually install and anaerobic digestion plant, for even better sustainability and the avoidance of the further fossil fuel use required to carry out composting.

Calgary launches green bin pilot project

Calgarians in four communities will soon get a new "green" bin for their food and yard waste. The City started dropping off the green coloured bins, along with a kitchen scraps pail and paper yard waste bags, as part of a composting pilot project. Houses in Cougar Ridge, Abbeydale, Brentwood and Southwood started receiving the bins today.

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