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UK AD and Biogas Association Award Goes to Aerocover for AD Odour Control

Aerocover (TM) is described as a unique new odour-controlling, lightweight polymer-coated aggregate which floats on otherwise very smelly lagoons.

If, like me your mind is finding this difficult to comprehend, read it again. Yes, it is a form of stone (aggregate) which is light enough to float, and the AD community should clearly pay attention to this and not dismiss the idea which initially hit me as strange. BUT, given that the real-world digestion guys at the AD and Biogas Association have given it their award we should all sit-up and pay attention to this one.

Aerocover awarded ADBA award

Aerocover’s Sales Director Darragh Magee (centre), collects the ADBA Award for Innovation in Digestate from Charles Secrett (left) one of the UK’s leading environmentalists, and Ben Coates (right), the NFU’s Assistant Regulatory Affairs Adviser.

All must accept that our industry badly needs new innovations for odour prevention, so let’s give it a try.

The News release from Aerocover goes on to say that:

It’s, “a cover that floats on the surface of lagoons, storage tanks and run-off areas”, and it has won the coveted “Innovation in Digestate” Award from the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA).

The judging panel included Gwyn Jones (Former Vice-President, NFU) and Jeremy Jacobs (MD, Association for Organics Recycling) and they are quoted as having; “recognised the very positive impact that Aerocover brings to the management of an AD plant”.

Aerocover in use

Aerocover in a lagoon.

Biotec which has developed this product states in its press release that it has been “independently proven to reduce emissions and odours such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide by up to 100%.”

Other Aerocover benefits, in addition to reduced odour, are given as:

  • reduces the capital costs involved in digestate storage solutions
  • offers likely returns through increased nitrogen levels
  • a totally whole-life-cycle cover, because it does not use plastics in its construction and can be spread on land at the end of its usable life.

It is also possible to glean from their website some information how odour reduction is achieved while allowing gases to vent through it, as follows:

  • Polymer coated aggregates (in the presence of UV light) capture and convert the ammonia (which otherwise is part of the odour released)  into nitrogen gas and water and absorb and capture gases when no UV light is available.
  • The materials used are long lasting, environmentally safe and do not pose any risk to soil or livestock.

Paul Stark, Director at Aerocover said:  “This prestigious ADBA award is testament to the years of excellent R&D work by parent company Biotec to bring this first-class product to market.  We are all the more pleased with this achievement as it is the very first time we have entered Aerocover for an award, so it bodes well for our expansion plans in the UK and beyond”.

“Aerocovers” have we understand, also been successfully installed for customers such as Agrivert, Harper Adams and Barfoot Energy. Aerocover has other applications too as it is also offered as suitable for use at numerous non-AD farms, where its properties eliminate the requirement for maintenance required by alternative types of cover.

The press release includes a testimonial from Alexander Maddan, Managing Director at Agrivert, who has said that:  “Aerocover preserves the nitrogen levels in our digestate, enhancing its value as a fertiliser, even after long-term storage.  It also reduces odour emissions from the lagoon that serves our anaerobic digester”.

Top Image: Aerocover’s Sales Director Darragh Magee (centre), collects the ADBA Award for Innovation in Digestate from Charles Secrett (left) one of the UK’s leading environmentalists, and Ben Coates (right), the NFU’s Assistant Regulatory Affairs Adviser.

Further product details and Biotec Ltd’s contact details are available at .

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