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Anaerobic Digestion Gets Good Press from Animal Droppings to Electricity Supply

Biogas Sludge ManAs a long-term supporter of the concept of using Anaerobic Digestion as a substantial part of the UK’s renewable energy policy, and indeed elsewhere, we have been disappointed until recently, that so few people and organisations have been vocal in support of the large scale use of biogas.

All that seems to be changing, as the consequences of insecure imported power, and the problems with providing consistently, 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, the base supply that a mature renewable energy sector simply must deliver, from all the other renewable energy sources, with the only real exception of hydro-power and biomass combustion.

The best currently are achievable from the likes of wind power and solar, simply isn’t good enough, and while their technology experts sort out an efficient and low-cost way to store their energy for when it is really needed. AD is there, tried, proven and tested to meet those base loads.

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In this post I have included quotations from several recent news items which show that the Anaerobic digestion devotees are at last getting together to support their technology in the media.

Shale Gas – Not A Good Idea?

The first is shale gas, which its promoters are now seeking to continue to drill for and experiment with. The AD and Biogas Association makes a robust case against its adoption in the following excerpt:

Osborne should forget shale gas – ‘biogas is best’

Energy Live News

The ADBA suggests biogas from anaerobic digestion (AD), the process which sees scrap food and waste effective fermented to create gas, will significantly boost generation capacity in good time and at relatively low cost, while helping the UK meet …”

Next comes a plea for London to be given an anaerobic digestion plant, which the author of this article thinks has been left-out from the biogas opportunity so far:

London needs Anaerobic Digestion

Green Building Press

“Questions have to be asked as to why not a single Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant is in operation, or currently in construction in London, despite strong backing from both the previous Mayor of London and the current Mayor, whose revised strategy says …Green Building Press”

We think that in fact an AD Plant has been announced in the planning stage for a biogas plant to be built in the Thames Estuary, but it is not in construction yet. Finally, if you have not yet become aware of exactly what Anaerobic Digestion is all about, we recommend a visit to the following article:

From animal droppings to electricity supply

A LOCAL company is spearheading the development of anaerobic digestion technology, which could provide an answer for companies seeking a climate friendly way to reduce energy costs. Richgro, in partnership with Biogass Renewables, are …”

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