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The new biofuel energy pricing service

3 Reasons Why UK Biomethane Producers Should Watch Bio-fuel Market Prices Closely

Like it or not, biogas and especially biomethane producers should start to take a keen interest in Bio-fuel Market Prices, and here is our list of 3 reasons why. “UK Biomethane producers and potential “biogas-plant to biomethane upgraders”, should be watching bio-fuel market prices closely.” That’s because many foresee big gains in the prices they will in […]

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Sweden’s Lead in Biomethane Production Continues With Major New Schmack Carbotech Plant

Schmack Carbotech Stockholm: Sweden’s role in bioenergy production, with the world’s largest installed biogas upgrading capacity, is set to further pull-ahead of other nations with the announcement that Schmack Carbotech has been signed-up as the design and build contractor for a 2000 Nm³/h biogas processing facility to be located to the south of Stockholm. Schmack Carbotech’s innovative Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology […]

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Biofuels the solution not the problem.

Biofuels are a Solution, Not a Problem

Green Fuels PR: 25 Apr 2008. By GORDON QUAIATTINI – [Post Originally referenced on, April 25, 2008] The world is experiencing a bio revolution. You can see it changing everything from medicine, clothing, auto parts, agricultural crops and fuels that power your car. Biotech medicines can now target specific cancer cells, bio-engineering is dramatically increasing […]

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