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The Evergreen Anaerobic Digestion Process Design Manual


Anaerobic Digestion Plant (Biogas Plant) design manual for sizing the main process components of commercial-scale biogas plants for both sludge treatment and other feedstocks from food waste to manure.


The Anaerobic Digestion Plant design manual for all those people who have some technical knowledge and serious about designing a biogas plant.

  • Provides the hard to find information that AD consultants and Biogas Plant Turnkey Contractors won't tell you, and most consider to be a “commercial secret”
  • Digitized version of the US EPA's ‚ÄúProcess Design Manual for Sludge Treatment and Disposal, Technology Transfer document
  • Backed up by references and extensive research
  • Covers single-stage (CSTRs) and two-stage biogas plants and can be sued for a wide range of feedstocks from food waste to manure
  • Suitable for wastewater, industrial and agricultural biogas application.

Table of Contents

The Evergreen Anaerobic Digestion Process Design Manual:

  • Introduction
  • Process Design Manual for Sludge Treatment and Disposal, EPA 625/1-74-006
  • 5.2. Anaerobic Digestion
  • 5.2.1 Types of Anaerobic Digestion Systems
  • 5.2.2 Design Criteria
  • 5.2.3. Process Control Considerations
    • pH
    • Temperature
    • Nutrients
    • Potentially Toxic Materials
    • Process Kinetics
  • 5.2.4 Process Performance Data
    • Gas Production
    • Supernatant Quality
    • Bacteria Inactivation
    • Impact of Alum and Iron Phosphorus Sludge on Anaerobic Digestion
  • 5.2.5 Upgrading Procedures
  • 5.2.6 Typical Costs
  • Over 40 Research Paper References provided.



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