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Image text: "World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022 postponed".

World Biogas Summit and Expo Date Change to June 2022

The organisers of the World Biogas Summit and the co-located World Biogas Expo have been forced by covid concerns to postpone their exhibition and conference from this March to June.

Press release 18 January 2022:

Global biogas events at NEC Birmingham, UK, postponed from March to June 2022

  • The World Biogas Summit and co-located World Biogas Expo 2022, organised by the World Biogas Association in partnership with the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association, is moved from early March to 15-16 June 2022, at the NEC Birmingham, UK.
  • There is also a new date for the international AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony – with the event now scheduled to take place also in Birmingham in the evening of 15th.

The World Biogas Association (WBA), the organiser of the World Biogas Summit and of the World Biogas Expo in partnership with the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), has announced the postponement of these events from 2nd-3rd March to 15th-16th June 2022.

This is due to the significant increase in Omicron infections globally and the World Health Organisation’s expectation that this will continue during the early part of 2022.

The AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony, co-hosted by WBA and ADBA, has also been rescheduled to the evening of 15th June at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham. As a result of the postponement, the entry deadline for the Awards has also been extended to 18th February.

Charlotte Morton, WBA Chief Executive, explained: “After extensive consultation with our stakeholders, it was decided to postpone hosting the physical World Biogas Summit, World Biogas Expo and AD and Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony to mid- June, by which time we hope the situation with Omicron will have dramatically improved. This will ensure that our attendees travelling from all over the world can enjoy the best possible experience at the live conference, trade show and gala dinner. We look forward to engaging with them face to face for the first time in two long years.”

Held annually, the World Biogas Summit offers thought-leadership and insights into the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry’s potential to deliver the circular economy of organic wastes, delivering 50% of the Global Methane Pledge and a 10% cut in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The theme of the 2022 event will be “the methane imperative”.

The World Biogas Expo is the co-located global trade show for the AD and biogas sector, where visitors can discover the latest innovations, network, share best practices and develop business relationships.

Held in the evening of day 1 of the Summit and Expo, the AD & Biogas Industry Awards Ceremony will celebrate those who help drive the growth of biogas around the world through innovation, excellence and sheer dedication.


Image text: "World Biogas Summit and Expo 2022 postponed".Founded at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh in 2016, the World Biogas Association is the global trade association for the biogas, landfill gas, and anaerobic digestion (AD) industries. It is dedicated to facilitating the recycling of all organic wastes, crop residues, and break crops through biogas around the world. Moreover, it thinks that the global adoption of biogas technologies represents a multi-faceted potential to produce environmentally friendly, renewable energy, bioCO2, and natural fertilisers while also addressing global challenges such as poverty alleviation, public health, and economic prosperity.

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) is a trade association representing the anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas industries in the United Kingdom (UK). In order to assist the UK in meeting its emissions targets and other policy objectives, ADBA's vision is for the entire potential of the AD industry to be realised by 2030, resulting in the creation of an environmentally friendly, completely circular economy.

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