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Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) Gains Acceptance And May Become Major Competitor To Anaerobic Digestion

Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) is the term for an innovative type of industrial-scale biological high temperature-digester which uses Aerobic Extremophilic Bacteria to achieve a remarkably high level of mass reduction, and has been launched by waste treatment specialist Advetec. The technology is understood to be capable of rapidly processing significantly high volumes of organic municipal waste, […]

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Anaerobic digestion NFU image

Anaerobic Digestion NFU Policy

The UK’s National Farmers Union (nfu) in their Anaerobic Digestion NFU Policy, strongly supports the use of anaerobic digestion in agriculture. In addition they have issued a number of statements on the subject, a sample of which we have quoted below: Anaerobic Digestion – our Vision for 1000 AD plants on farms – NFU … This […]

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