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AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Vale Green Biogas
Biomethane General

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Awarded to Vale Green Energy

Vale Green Energy joins the list of sites which have achieved AD Certification Scheme Accreditation. It has shown its intent to apply the high standard of AD plant operation that the AD industry considers good practice within their industry. ADBA members devised the scheme with a mission to raise the whole industry to those of […]

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Image reads: "Misplaced Food v Fuel Fears".

Misplaced Food v Fuel Fears – Germany May Unnecessarily Restrict Crop-based Biofuels

In response to food vs. fuel concerns, Germany intends to limit crop-based biofuels. The following article was first published by Fastmarkets in their Energy Census [RE]fuel Report: The main takeaway from this is that politicians and the general public alike both assume that most biogas is made from crops which would otherwise become food. This […]

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Image text: "Combined Heat and Power Plants with SCR Exhaust Gas".
Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power Plants with SCR Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

It has been more than 4 years since we wrote about the first combined heat and power plants with SCR Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems that were being delivered by ETW Energietechnik of Germany at that time. We have archived our original (March 2018) article below, for our readers because it remains relevant today. In this […]

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Image text: "Meet Food Waste Depackager Drycake".
Depackaging and Separation

EVENT: Meet Food Waste Depackager Drycake in UK: May 2022 “Fact Finding Mission”

A Depackaging and Sorting Equipment Manufacturer is offering Free Meetings with Organic Waste Treatment Companies During a UK Visit in May. What are your depackaging and separation equipment needs and problems? Read on and be sure to reach out to Marie if you need better organics processing equipment! Book your Food Waste Depackaging meeting now! […]

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Image etxt: "Silage Clamp Design and Installation".
Silage Clamps for AD Plants

Silage Clamp Design and Installation for Biogas Plants

Silage clamp design and installation to comply with the UK silage clamp regulations (SSAFO Regs (UK)) is an essential component of modern anaerobic digestion plants. What Is A Silage Clamp? Silage clamps are concrete panel structures that serve as the wall and base for silage pits, which are used to store covered grass, maize, or […]

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Featured image for: "3 Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Case Studies".
Anaerobic Digestion Biomethane

3 Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Case Studies

These three anaerobic sludge digestion case studies explain how water utility companies are embracing the anaerobic digestion process as their method of choice for the treatment of the vast quantities of solid sludge materials which they aerate and settle out of the sewage entering their sewage works every day. While doing that they produce a […]

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