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Image text: "Glass fused to steel tanks".

Glass Fused to Steel Tanks Pros and Cons

Glass Fused to Steel Tanks is the most common tank specification for CSTR biogas digester reactor tanks. In this article, we discuss their pros and cons. Enamel tanks, GFS tanks (GFtS), and Glass Fused Bolted Steel (Porcelain Enameled) tanks are all terms used to describe this type of tank. It is essential that all anaerobic […]

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Image text: "Digestate drying"
Anaerobic Digestion

Digestate Drying – Does It Make Sense Environmentally and Economically?

Digestate drying might seem like a great way to make a natural/ sustainable fertiliser product but think of the large heat demand to dry such a high water content material (at often 90% water)… It has to be asked: “Does It make sense environmentally and economically to evaporate it until dry”? Digestate is a type […]

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Image text: "Digestate separation trailers".
Anaerobic Digestion Digestate

Digestate Separation Trailers and a New Breed of Contracting Businesses

Leading digestate separator manufacturer Borger UK hires out digestate separation trailers and is regularly visiting biogas plants in the UK to provide a digestate separation service for stored biogas plant output. This business is growing as UK agricultural and food waste biogas plants multiply. According to the trade association for the biogas industry (ADBA), there […]

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Anaerobic- digestion vs composting: Making a Comparison
Anaerobic Digestion

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Anaerobic Digestion vs Composting

What are the advantages and disadvantages of anaerobic digestion vs composting is a question asked by a large number of people. Many of our readers who are familiar with composting, but who are thinking more widely about the subject of recycling organic waste and have just heard about Anaerobic Digestion want to know the anaerobic […]

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Image text: "Biomethane Plant Advantages".

Biomethane Plant Advantages – The Growth in Biogas Upgrading Purification

There is a biomethane plant biogas upgrading purification revolution taking place. The advantages of biomethane are so great that most new anaerobic digestion plants throughout Europe, no longer export electricity. They sell biomethane instead. Instead, they take biogas production one stage further. They make their raw biogas as near clean as makes no difference by […]

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age text: "How Biogas Feedstock Storage Can be a Waste of Space".
Silage Clamps for AD Plants

How Biomass Feedstock Storage Can Be a Waste of Space

Biomass feedstock storage (for example installing a silage clamp) is a new subject that is rising rapidly in prominence, following the recent expansion in the number of anaerobic digestion plants. Current low-cost designs can easily be a shocking waste of space. This fact is becoming clear now that there are many anaerobic digestion plants in operation. […]

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