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Featured image with text: Sugar waste biogas pumped by Borger.
Biogas Yield Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion

Sugar Waste Biogas Production Enhanced by Borger Rotary Lobe Pumps

In this article, we discuss unlocking the potential of anaerobic digestion or sugar waste biogas including sugarcane biomass, and sugar beet waste for biogas production not forgetting pre and post-consumer sugary food waste. However, none of this would be possible without reliable and affordable equipment to convey the viscous fibre-filled mash of this biomass through […]

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On-farm Biogas Liquefaction Article Thumbnail image.
Anaerobic Digestion Design and Construction

On-Farm Biogas Liquefaction: A Game Changer for Small-Scale AD Plants?

Is it possible that a new French biogas liquefaction technology might prove to be a game changer for small-scale AD plants? Read on to find out more. The burgeoning biogas industry holds immense potential for renewable energy generation and waste management, particularly in the agricultural sector. However, it can be hard for small-scale and medium-sized […]

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What Is Biogenic Gas - Examples include methane.
Biogenic CO2 Methane

What is Biogenic Gas? – Examples Including Methane

Technology is moving on with progress in decarbonisation. When once there was only fossil fuel gas (natural gas) there is now a new category of gas, and its name is “biogenic”! So, we set out to define: What is Biogenic Gas? with biogenic gas examples Including biogenic methane Finding a clean energy source is on everyone’s mind […]

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Featured image with text: "Biomethane in sustainable transport."
Anaerobic Digestion

Driving Change: The Role Of Biomethane for Transport

Looking for ways to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks can be challenging. One promising solution is biomethane for transport, a green fuel. This article explores how biomethane could change transport for the better, making it cleaner and more sustainable. Keep reading to find out more! The European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan The European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan aims to diversify gas […]

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An infographic about the UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026.

The UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026

Worried about the impact of methane on our planet? If so, this article will interest you because we have news for you that the UK Methane Action Plan 2024–2026 is a start at taking action. Methane emissions are a big problem, contributing to global warming. Methane emissions are much lower than CO2, but a lot more […]

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Image with the text: "Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Biomethane."
Biomethane Methane

Biomethane Advantages and Disadvantages & Its Rapid Growth in the UK 2023-24

We promise an examination of biomethane its advantages and disadvantages—our honest view of its benefits and drawbacks. Looking for a way to tackle climate change? A rising number of people consider that biomethane might be part of the answer. This clean, renewable gas reduces greenhouse emissions and our dependence on dirty energy like coal and oil. Our blog will […]

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