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Cows in close up. The featured image illustrating how to stop cows emitting methane.

How to Reduce Methane Emissions from Cattle: All You Need to Know

If you need to know how to reduce methane emissions from cattle, this can be your comprehensive guide. So, read on: Livestock, particularly cattle, are a significant source of methane emissions, a potent greenhouse gas contributing to climate change. While that “fist-sized pill” solution you might have heard about in the past may seem like […]

What Is Biogenic Gas - Examples include methane.

What is Biogenic Gas? – Examples Including Methane

Technology is moving on with progress in decarbonisation. When once there was only fossil fuel gas (natural gas) there is now a new category of gas, and its name is “biogenic”! So, we set out to define: What is Biogenic Gas? with biogenic gas examples Including biogenic methane Finding a clean energy source is on everyone’s mind […]

An infographic about the UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026.

The UK Methane Action Plan 2024 To 2026

Worried about the impact of methane on our planet? If so, this article will interest you because we have news for you that the UK Methane Action Plan 2024–2026 is a start at taking action. Methane emissions are a big problem, contributing to global warming. Methane emissions are much lower than CO2, but a lot more […]

Image with the text: "Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Biomethane."

Biomethane Advantages and Disadvantages & Its Rapid Growth in the UK 2023-24

We promise an examination of biomethane its advantages and disadvantages—our honest view of its benefits and drawbacks. Looking for a way to tackle climate change? A rising number of people consider that biomethane might be part of the answer. This clean, renewable gas reduces greenhouse emissions and our dependence on dirty energy like coal and oil. Our blog will […]

A farmer tends to livestock in a wheat field near a natural gas facility, showing harmony with nature.

Methane vs CO2 As Greenhouse Gases: Why 30x or 80x The Climate Impact?

Methane vs CO2: Greenhouse gases like methane and CO2 trap heat in our atmosphere. Everyone now recognises that methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, even more potent than CO2. So why do some say methane creates 30 times more warming than others who say 80 times? So, which is right? The answer is simply that […]

Is Biogas Renewable featured image.

Is Biogas Renewable? Unveiling The Truth Behind Its Sustainability

Many people ask, is biogas renewable? It is mostly methane (a severe greenhouse gas) and when it is burned, it creates carbon dioxide (the gas we are told is the main culprit behind climate change!). So, isn’t the truth behind its sustainability that the whole idea of renewable biogas is pure greenwash? Read on to […]

Featured image text: "What is methane stripping of landfill leachate".

What is Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate?

Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate refers to the removal of dissolved methane from landfill leachate before it is directly pumped into a public sewer. If the methane dissolved in leachate was allowed to enter the sewers, it may be present in sufficient concentrations to cause an explosion and/or asphyxiation risk within the sewer into which […]

Featured image text: "World Will Fail Climate Targets".

World Will Fail Climate Targets Unless Organic-Waste Methane is Cut Now – WBA Report Update

The world will fail to meet the promised Paris 2015 Accord climate targets unless action is taken now to reduce organic-waste methane emissions. Globally, all governments must act now to start cutting highly damaging methane emissions from the breakdown of organic waste, or they will be by default simply abandoning their pledges—this is our interpretation of […]

Anaerobic Digester/ Biogas plant explosions tragic update

Anaerobic Digester Plant Explosions – Explosive Risk at Biogas Facilities

Any anaerobic digester plant explosion is one too many. Read on to discover a number of incidents that have shown the explosive potential of methane in AD plants can be unleashed when least expected. Nobody was hurt in the biogas digester plant explosions reported in the media in the UK until 2020. In December 2020, […]

Image has the text: ""Dairy Farm Methane Capture Could Help Solve Farming's Greenhouse Gas Problem."

Dairy Farm Methane Capture Could Help Solve Dairy Farming’s Greenhouse Gas Problem Once and for All

This article explains dairy farm methane capture, and it’s an important read because methane capture on dairy farms has the potential to end dairy farming’s contribution to climate change and warming gas emissions. Farmers worried that governments may soon move to limit dairy farming and meat production in order to combat climate change should read […]

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