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Composting Toilet vs a Biogas Toilet 1010w

What is a Composting Toilet and How is it Different From a Biogas Toilet (Bio-toilet)

The question of what is a composting toilet and how is it different from a biogas toilet (Bio-toilet) has been asked of us several times recently. It’s the composting toilet vs bio-toilet debate, that arises from an article we wrote almost 2 years ago in which we described a biogas “bio-toilet”. That’s an eco-toilet which […]

Featured image text: "What does a pipeline maintenance service contractor do?"

What Does A Pipeline Maintenance Service Provider Do for Biomethane Injectors?

We decided it was time to write about what a specialist pipeline maintenance service provider can do for AD plant owners and operators that inject pressurized renewable natural gas (RNG) into the gas grid, with so many new biogas plants producing upgraded biomethane injected into the gas grid. This article goes back to the basic […]

Image shows a laboratory for the measurement of biogas with text: "How to Measure Biogas".

How To Measure Biogas

Understanding how to measure biogas accurately can be a puzzling task for many. Did you know that measuring it requires specialised techniques due to its composition and flow rates? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to measure both the quality and quantity of biogas effectively. Let’s explore this valuable energy source together! Key Takeaways to Remember […]

Featured image: "UK AD Industry expresses disappointment with lack of progress on Climate Change Measures".

UK Anaerobic Digestion Industry Expresses Disappointment Over Government’s Climate Change Progress

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has again voiced its disappointment with the UK government’s lack of leadership and commitment to anaerobic digestion (AD), following the release of the Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report. The ADBA emphasizes that AD has the potential to significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, support the achievement […]

REPowerEU Strategy Plan YouTube Video.

REPowerEU Strategy Will Boost Biomethane from Biogas

A new EU wide plan known as the “REPowerEU Strategy” has become law. It will be a game changer for the European Biogas Industry and a massive boost for biomethane production from biogas which will drive the development of many more anaerobic digestion facilities across the European continent. REPowerEU is a European Commission initiative to […]

Featured image with text that says: "Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Tech".

Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Technology

Brewery Waste Management is a vital subject for the brewing industry. With wastewater treatment and disposal with energy now accounting for approximately 8% of expenditures for UK breweries, brewers must choose between constricted margins, passing costs on to customers, or both. Drink production in breweries, wineries, and distilleries presents special water and wastewater treatment issues. […]

Featured image text: "How to Improve Soil Health".

How to Improve Soil Health: The Planet Saving Role of Compost and Digestates

How to Improve Soil Health is a pressing concern. It was the subject of evidence Dr Jane Gilbert from Carbon Clarity gave oral evidence on behalf of CIWM to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee at the House of Commons recently. Her presentation was provided with an emphasis on the value of compost and […]

List of 10 Top Biogas Plant Manufacturers.

10 Top Biogas Pump Manufacturers in Europe: List of Leaders in Slurry Pumping Innovation

We offer you below a list of 10 top Biogas Pump Manufacturers active in Europe which we believe is truly a list of leading companies in sustainable slurry pumping Innovation in the AD industry. As we continually grapple with environmental sustainability issues, biogas pump manufacturing stands as one of the core “must not fail” product […]

Image has the text: "Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels - Renewable energy vs fossil fuels".

Renewable Energy Cheaper than Fossil Fuels – Renewable Energy vs Fossil Fuels: A Cost Comparison

As the global community grapples with the profound challenges posed by climate change, the focus on renewable energy sources has intensified since we first published our energy comparison article in mid-2020. No longer is it controversial to declare renewable energy cheaper than fossil fuels. Price rises on fuels, led by natural gas prices, jumped to […]

addressing E-waste-from PCBs.

Addressing E-Waste From Printed Circuit Boards – PCB Recycling

In addressing sustainable waste in the past, we’ve written specifically about the needs of industrialized nations. Another vital need of developed nations is for them to address the sustainability issues created by E-Waste from printed circuit boards specifically. We’ve touched on the “treating and sanitizing of wastes” in this blog before. so, in this article, […]

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