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4 Anaerobic Digestion Myths Finally Shattered

Here are the four Anaerobic Digestion Myths which we believe to have been completely “shattered” and shown to be completely untrue. Our evidence is provided by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association in the Autumn 2018 issue of their News Magazine. The exposure of these myths is based upon their official reply to that Sunday […]

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What is Renewable Energy and How Does It Work

Renewable energy is the world’s fastest-growing energy resource. Renewable Energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished by human or natural systems. Over most of human history, fire has been used as a low-tech, low-cost method to produce heat and provide light. Renewable Energy technologies ultimately strive to reduce dependence on burning fossil fuels […]

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Fish Silage – Landia Fish Ensiling Process Equipment

Fish silage is a highly nutritious feed for livestock, but it can be difficult to prepare properly. In this blog post, we will explore the best ways to prepare fish silage, so that your livestock can benefit from its many nutrients. From choosing the right fish to ensuring that the silage is properly fermented, we […]

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Biogas Climate Change Benefits and Dangers

The biogas climate change debate spans many considerations. There are undoubtedly many climate change reduction benefits that expanding the production of biogas, and the anaerobic digestion process which makes it, will bring. But, there are also dangers lurking from the production of larger quantities of renewable biogas which can act to accelerate climate change. Read […]

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Biogas UK

Biogas technology in the UK (Biogas UK) is being developed as a renewable energy source that does not entail combustion, resulting in minimal greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas can also help to reduce the amount of waste dumped annually in landfills. Reducing this benefits the environment. Aside from that, the released gas can be captured and […]

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Biogas Future Prospects – Rapid Growth and Insatiable Demand

Biogas’ future prospects have never looked better. As they enter a period of rapid growth propelled by world events, there is an Insatiable demand for biogas. That is the “perfect storm” in prospect for anaerobic digestion technology because there is also an ever-increasing demand for reducing GHG emissions and RNG (biomethane) for transport use. So, […]

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List of Anaerobic Digestion Training Course Providers

The demand for Anaerobic Digestion Training is growing as the number of commercial anaerobic digestion plants increases. In this article, we provide a list of some of the courses in biogas plants and their operation currently being offered. We are sure there must be many more. If when you read this, you know of more, […]

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Vale Green Biogas

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Awarded to Vale Green Energy

Vale Green Energy joins the list of sites which have achieved AD Certification Scheme Accreditation. It has shown its intent to apply the high standard of AD plant operation that the AD industry considers good practice within their industry. ADBA members devised the scheme with a mission to raise the whole industry to those of […]

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Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining Essential to the AD Industry

Stay with us while we look at metal fabrication as a fundamental technology, one of the basics of precision machining and also essential to the AD Industry. This is one of our occasional articles in which we look at the basic foundations of current technology. Without modern metal fabrication techniques such as metal stamping services […]

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Adapt or Die – Climate Change Adaptation for the Biogas Industry

Adapt or Die is all about Climate Change Adaptation and it will be an essential part of government and business strategy across all industries including for anaerobic digestion and for the biogas industry. In all the discussions about climate change around COP26 what seems to have been forgotten is that our climate is changing and […]