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Cenergy solutions - Examples of vehicles powered by ANG technology.

Cenergy Adsorbed Natural Biogas Cylinders (ANG) Set to Revolutionize Portability of Sustainable Methane

The quest is on for, not only a clean energy, but one that is also low-cost and truly portable. Adsorbed natural biogas cylinders (ANG) might be the solution. Many people think capturing and using natural biogas in a green way is hard. But, it’s now about to get simpler than you might guess with new […]

Image text: "UK Anaerobic Digestion business rate threat".

UK Anaerobic Digestion Plant Business Rates Surge: A Threat to Green Energy Goals

Since we last posted about the enormous rise in biogas plant operator business rates, the concerns about the UK Anaerobic Digestion Plant Business Rates Surge raised in the original article (and ADBA Press Release) published on this blog in April 2021, have become reality. The fears have indeed materialized into a significant challenge for the […]

Featured image text: "World Will Fail Climate Targets".

World Will Fail Climate Targets Unless Organic-Waste Methane is Cut Now – WBA Report Update

The world will fail to meet the promised Paris 2015 Accord climate targets unless action is taken now to reduce organic-waste methane emissions. Globally, all governments must act now to start cutting highly damaging methane emissions from the breakdown of organic waste, or they will be by default simply abandoning their pledges—this is our interpretation of […]

Turning poop into power article featured-image

Turning Poop into Power: A Breakthrough in Waste Management and Renewable Energy

What is the world coming to when we say we will talk about turning poop into power! Are we crazy? No not at all. There is nothing silly or childish about this revolution in bioenergy and waste management. To put it bluntly: Using livestock poo and human toilet waste as fuel. In the world of […]

Image text says: "The Truth behind electric kitchen composters".

The Truth Behind Electric Kitchen Composters: Understanding Food Waste Management

Take care! “Electric Kitchen Composters” are not what their name suggests them to be. In the realm of sustainable living and waste management, the distinction between traditional composting and modern food waste dehydrators is often blurred. Recent discussions by BioCycle columnists Sally Brown and Ron Alexander have highlighted the issue: many in-home food waste dehydrators […]

Featured image for Sustainable Farm Waste Management and the Role of Anaerobic Digestion article.

Sustainable Farm Waste Management and the Role of Anaerobic Digestion

Read on to find out about good farm waste management. Facing the challenges of managing farm waste effectively is a critical issue for farmers and environmentalists alike. Copious amounts of organic matter, from livestock manure to crop residues, are generated regularly on farms across the globe. Dealing with this waste in environmentally friendly and economically viable […]

Composting Toilet vs a Biogas Toilet 1010w

What is a Composting Toilet and How is it Different From a Biogas Toilet (Bio-toilet)

The question of what is a composting toilet and how is it different from a biogas toilet (Bio-toilet) has been asked of us several times recently. It’s the composting toilet vs bio-toilet debate, that arises from an article we wrote almost 2 years ago in which we described a biogas “bio-toilet”. That’s an eco-toilet which […]

Featured image text: "What does a pipeline maintenance service contractor do?"

What Does A Pipeline Maintenance Service Provider Do for Biomethane Injectors?

We decided it was time to write about what a specialist pipeline maintenance service provider can do for AD plant owners and operators that inject pressurized renewable natural gas (RNG) into the gas grid, with so many new biogas plants producing upgraded biomethane injected into the gas grid. This article goes back to the basic […]

Image shows a laboratory for the measurement of biogas with text: "How to Measure Biogas".

How To Measure Biogas

Understanding how to measure biogas accurately can be a puzzling task for many. Did you know that measuring it requires specialised techniques due to its composition and flow rates? This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to measure both the quality and quantity of biogas effectively. Let’s explore this valuable energy source together! Key Takeaways to Remember […]

Featured image: "UK AD Industry expresses disappointment with lack of progress on Climate Change Measures".

UK Anaerobic Digestion Industry Expresses Disappointment Over Government’s Climate Change Progress

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has again voiced its disappointment with the UK government’s lack of leadership and commitment to anaerobic digestion (AD), following the release of the Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report. The ADBA emphasizes that AD has the potential to significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, support the achievement […]

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