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AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Vale Green Biogas

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Awarded to Vale Green Energy

Vale Green Energy joins the list of sites which have achieved AD Certification Scheme Accreditation. It has shown its intent to apply the high standard of AD plant operation that the AD industry considers good practice within their industry. ADBA members devised the scheme with a mission to raise the whole industry to those of […]

Image text: "Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining".

Metal Fabrication: The Basics of Precision Machining Essential to the AD Industry

Stay with us while we look at metal fabrication as a fundamental technology, one of the basics of precision machining and also essential to the AD Industry. This is one of our occasional articles in which we look at the basic foundations of current technology. Without modern metal fabrication techniques such as metal stamping services […]

Image text: "Climate Cahnge Adaptation for the Biogas Industry".

Adapt or Die – Climate Change Adaptation for the Biogas Industry

Adapt or Die is all about Climate Change Adaptation and it will be an essential part of government and business strategy across all industries including for anaerobic digestion and for the biogas industry. In all the discussions about climate change around COP26 what seems to have been forgotten is that our climate is changing and […]

Inage says: "Pharmaceutical Residue Reduction - Why Anaerobic Digestion is Best".

Pharmaceutical Residue Reduction – Why Anaerobic Digestion is Best

Recent research has shown another benefit of anaerobic digestion is it provides a higher rate of pharmaceutical residue reduction than during standard aerobic water treatment. Pharmaceutical residues are a new and emerging environmental concern due to the fact that science has not studied the effects of medicines in the wild in any depth. Human and […]

Image text: "Get a Higher Price for Biogas from Waste with RGGOs".

Get a Higher Price for Biogas from Waste with Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs)

Biogas plant owners can now get a higher price for biogas or biomethane made from waste organics (biowaste) than for biogas or biomethane which uses food crops in their feedstock. Argus, one of the world’s top energy and commodity intelligence companies, has just released prices for biomethane guarantees of origin. Biomethane can be used as […]

Image text: "Getting Machine Insurance and Protection for Your Company".

Getting Machine Insurance and Protection for Your Company

Nobody enjoys paying for insurance, let alone machine insurance but it is necessary for business owners to ensure that they are protected in the event of claims for damages to individuals or property. If you own or operate a company that uses machinery, whether it’s a trucking company, a construction company, an agricultural company, or […]

Sealwall tank panels from Whites Concrete for new AD plant

Hydrophilic Jointed “Sealwall” Tanks Better Than Other Precast-Concrete or Steel, Say Whites Concrete

Whites recommend the use of their Liquid Holding Tanks and in particular their Hydrophilic Jointed “Sealwall” Tanks as being better than steel, and even better than other jointing methods. After intensive in-house development, they point out that their Sealwall precast wall unit system is a robust, precast solution for storing water. It has all the […]

Image text: "Managed services for construction businesses".

Managed Services for Construction Businesses – Outsourcing IT for Biogas EPC Contractors

It’s quite likely that biogas EPC contractors reading this could benefit from engaging managed services for construction businesses. There have been numerous reports in recent years that highlight statistics that show it’s wake-up and catch-up time for construction contractors who as a group in our industry are notoriously slow to make use of “up to […]

Image text: "Digester Cleaning Services and Purposes".

Digester Cleaning – Purposes and Services

Digester Cleaning is fast becoming an established business sector within the Anaerobic digestion industry. In the UK half a dozen companies actively market their digester draining and sludge removal service specifically to the AD and biogas sector. Why Clean A Digester? The build-up of grit, sludge, and debris in digester tanks is all too often […]

Image text: "why biogas industry office cleaning cost"

Why Biogas Industry Operators Should Hire Office Cleaning Companies

The biogas industry should routinely hire office cleaning companies. To put it politely; Anyone visiting biogas plants soon notices the wide difference in cleanliness between sites. There can be no denying that office spaces can rapidly become filthy as operatives work on tipping floors driving machines, using and maintaining equipment, all of the time in […]