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Image text: "Net Zero and 2050 Climate Change Reduction Target".

CCC Net Zero & 2050 Climate Change Reduction is Too Late!

The CCC Net Zero Reporting update of 2022 is a major step towards the 2050 Climate Change Reduction Target. It is important to have anaerobic digestion as a part of the national effort in order to achieve the required level of GHG reduction. But, the target is too slow and unlikely even if achieved to […]

Six Reasons Anaerobic Digesters Are Not Green

Six Reasons Anaerobic Digesters Are Not Green – Let’s be Honest

Anaerobic digestion systems doubters have published articles in which they claim 6 scientific reasons that they say show that Anaerobic Digesters are not “green”. Let’s be honest, if true, it would mean all those advocating the development of anaerobic digestion, with its biogas and other beneficial outputs, should think again. In this article, we admit […]

Biogas Farm Colouring Book Cover

Biogas Farm and Moo Poo Power Colouring Books

The Biogas Farm Colouring Book (with the included Moo Poo Power Colouring Book) is a printable book bundle of line drawings for you to print and colour in! There are two coloring books for the price of one in this bundle package! Features section: 1- No coloring experience? No problem! No need to worry about […]

Image text: "Is Natural Gas Renewable? 8 Reasons Why it's Not".

Is Natural Gas Renewable? 8 Reasons Why it’s Not in a Million Years

We answer the often-asked question: “Is natural gas renewable?” and give 8 reasons why it is non-renewable. Not even if you waited a million years! 8 Reasons Natural Gas (NG) is Not Renewable Most natural gas and oil formations date back between 10 (Cenozoic) and 180 (Mesozoic) million years ago. All so-called but a tiny […]

Xergi biogas featured image

Xergi Biogas Plants – 5 Advanced Plant Construction Themes

The Xergi Biogas company, Denmark’s market-leading supplier of AD technology (2017) has been building a successful biogas business in the UK, and around the world, for over 10 years (2022). They have multiple anaerobic digestion plants now either operational or in construction. New Xergi biogas plants are announced every few months. As you can see from […]

Image shows an example of the Bioeconomy.

Bioeconomy – What Does It Mean?

The Bioeconomy? What does it mean? That’s a good question. Stay with us a moment and we’ll explain our definition. Plus, we tell you why a thriving bioeconomy is good for our planet and can reduce climate change. Our planet is getting more and more crowded. As a result, we need to use our resources more […]

This is the "anaerobic digestion myths" featured image

4 Anaerobic Digestion Myths Finally Shattered

Here are the four Anaerobic Digestion Myths which we believe to have been completely “shattered” and shown to be completely untrue. Our evidence is provided by the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association in the Autumn 2018 issue of their News Magazine. The exposure of these myths is based upon their official reply to that Sunday […]

Image etct: "What is Renewable Energy".

What is Renewable Energy and How Does It Work

Renewable energy is the world’s fastest-growing energy resource. Renewable Energy is derived from natural processes that are replenished by human or natural systems. Over most of human history, fire has been used as a low-tech, low-cost method to produce heat and provide light. Renewable Energy technologies ultimately strive to reduce dependence on burning fossil fuels […]

Image text: "Fish silage process equipment Landia".

Fish Silage – Landia Fish Ensiling Process Equipment

Fish silage is a highly nutritious feed for livestock, but it can be difficult to prepare properly. In this blog post, we will explore the best ways to prepare fish silage, so that your livestock can benefit from its many nutrients. From choosing the right fish to ensuring that the silage is properly fermented, we […]

Image text: "Biogas Climate Change Benefits and Dangers".

Biogas Climate Change Benefits and Dangers

The biogas climate change debate spans many considerations. There are undoubtedly many climate change reduction benefits that expanding the production of biogas, and the anaerobic digestion process which makes it, will bring. But, there are also dangers lurking from the production of larger quantities of renewable biogas which can act to accelerate climate change. Read […]

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