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Biogas Yield

Text in image says: "FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion Process Control".

FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion Process Control – Can You Justify Using Anything Less?

FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion process control combines all the important health indicators for a biogas plant’s optimum day-to-day operational adjustments based on the best science. FOS/TAC measurement provides operators with an optimum target ratio to achieve the most stable digester at optimum biogas yield. It costs a bit more to measure than alkalinity, but the technology […]

Featured image for Black salt in biogas production article.

Black Salt in Biogas Production: Can It Truly Enhance Anaerobic Digestion?

We were not aware of the beneficial applications of Black Salt in Biogas Production until we were contacted recently by Ankit Anil Patil, a research scholar from India. The result is this article which is based upon his paper about the “APPLICATIONS OF BLACK SALT IN BIOGAS PRODUCTION AND EFFECTS ON OTHER IMPURITIES IN BIOGAS”: […]

Featured Image: "Use of Biochar in Biogas Production".

Use of Biochar in Biogas Production: Its Amazing Benefits Explained

We explain how the use of Biochar in Biogas Production is a symbiotic combination with a hitherto unsuspected set of benefits which by enhancing clean energy production may now be the game changer for biogas and biomethane production it always needed to become the low-cost technology of choice for massive sustainable renewable energy production. Introducing […]

Featured image with text: "Biogas Mixers: New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE!"

Biogas Mixers – New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE

Are you tired of struggling with outdated and inefficient biogas mixers/anaerobic digester mixing in your biogas plant? Imagine a solution that not only boosts your yields but also pretty much eliminates the headaches of repairs and downtime. Look no further, because Eco Verde Energy (EVE), a leading green energy services provider, has found the key […]

Featured image with text: "Landia digester mixing system boots biogas output by 20%".

Landia Digester Mixing System Boosts Biogas Output by 20%

In his case study, we explain how a Landia Digester Mixing System has raised all-important biogas output by 20%. This improvement has been maintained for over 2 years since installation and has enabled Downers Grove Wastewater Treatment Center to become 100 percent net energy neutral. Press Release (18 January 2020): Landia Digester Mixing System Increases […]

View of tall Stallenkamp CSTRs the 1st of a new breed.

Stallkamp Builds It’s First Mega Tall Digester CSTRs (IFAT)

“Mega” Tall Digester CSTRs or the claim to “very large tall Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors” (CSTRs) as made by Stallkamp in their Press Release below, may sound a little over-the-top, but it makes a very valid point.  They may well be the first of many new-style tall tanks. Certainly, as anaerobic digestion technology advances, the […]

Image text says: "PILOT-PLANT biogas reactor trial steps".

Pilot-plant Biogas Reactor – How to Do a Pilot Trial Step by Step

How to build and run a small lab scale Pilot-plant Biogas Reactor to carry out the anaerobic digestion of plant biomass (waste organic materials you have available to you for free or at minimal cost) with an A.D. pilot plant experiment, sometimes called a Lab Trial. This is an experimental pilot plant laboratory method to […]

Image with text: "Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised".

Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised at World-Class Nigg Wastewater Plant

Sludge Digesters are being used increasingly by water utility companies, and they can be important as energy providers in these times of high nonrenewable energy prices, so the fact that sludge digester efficiency has been raised significantly at a Wastewater Plant is significant. Scroll down to see the original Press Release from May 2019. The Need […]

A biogas digester mixing with Landia GasMix

Biogas Digester Mixing for POME Energy Utilisation at CSTR Plants in Asia

We report on how Biogas Digester Mixing for palm oil mill effluent (POME) fed continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) Biogas Plants in Asia are being equipped with highly acclaimed Landia GasMix mixers. It is clear, as explained in the Press Release below, that the importance of AD plant mixing is now gaining recognition in Asia. […]

Image text: "Biogas Yield Record High at Nigg WwTW".

Biogas Yield at Record High for Wastewater Sludge Digestion at Nigg WwTW

We are pleased to report that the biogas yield per tonne of sludge is once again at a record high for Wastewater Sludge Digestion at Nigg WwTW. Find out how this has been achieved in the Press Release below: Press Release: New biogas production landmark for Scottish Water’s acclaimed sludge facility at Nigg If we […]

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