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Image text: Anaerobic Digestion Feedstock Pre-treatment".

Anaerobic Digestion Feedstock Pre-treatment for More Biogas Economizer SE and More

Why is everyone in the biogas (anaerobic digestion) industry so keen to pre-treat their feedstock? Because it is the classic case of getting more from less and reducing costs/raising profitability. In this article, we explore the biogas Economizer SE Feedstock Pre-treatment System and other biogas output raising pretreatments. Among renewable energy technologies, anaerobic digestion (AD) […]

Image text: "Ultrasonic Disintegration for Higher Biogas Output from Biowastes".

Ultrasonic Disintegration for Higher Biogas Output from Biowastes

Ultrasonic Disintegration of biowastes especially sewage sludge is increasingly being used for the higher biogas output it provides from a relatively small and easily fitted device which provides a pretreatment stage before the digester tank at anaerobic digestion plants. Ultrasonics are a powerful method to break up or disintegrate cells so that they are available […]

Image text: "Digester Mixing System Increases Biogas Production".

Digester Mixing System Increases Biogas Production by Over 40% – Case Study

The more biogas output that can be achieved from any Digester Mixing System at anaerobic digestion plants, the better. That’s especially important in these days of the Russian war on Ukraine, and the likelihood of reduced energy supplies to Europe from Russia. So, we were very pleased to receive, and publish below, the most recent […]

How much biogas?

How Much Biogas? Examples of High Energy Performance

“How Much Biogas is needed to make Electricity, or Drive a Car from organic waste?” That’s a question often asked. We will provide an answer which has been achieved for one high-performance anaerobic digestion (AD) plant here, so READ ON! What ferments longest, in the most optimised biogas plant makes the most biogas… Watch our […]

Image text: "Digester Cleaning Services and Purposes".

Digester Cleaning – Purposes and Services

Digester Cleaning is fast becoming an established business sector within the Anaerobic digestion industry. In the UK half a dozen companies actively market their digester draining and sludge removal service specifically to the AD and biogas sector. Why Clean A Digester? The build-up of grit, sludge, and debris in digester tanks is all too often […]

Image text: "Biogas Inhibition Tests for Inhibitors Such as High Ammonia".

Biogas Inhibition Tests for Inhibitors Such as High Ammonia in AD Substrates

Quick Biogas Inhibition Tests to identify inhibitors in Biogas Substrates are badly needed by the commercial biogas plant industry. Traditional methods such as the Diary Farmer’s “Aerobic Plate Count” inhibitor test are not directly applicable to anaerobic biogas conditions, so a New Biogas Substrate Inhibition Test Method has been badly needed. Read on to find […]

Featured Image.

Anaerobic Digestion of Manure & Biogas Plant Productivity Doubled In Tests

Here we discuss the Anaerobic Digestion of Manure: The first section is a general informational article, followed by our original article where we explain their 2017 breakthrough in the throughput of manure-fed AD Plants described by the Ductor biogas company using chicken manure. Anaerobic digestion (AD) of dairy manure provides several environmental and economic benefits, […]

Image text: "Biogas digester tank mixer high methane output chosen for Taiwan AD Plant".

Biogas Digester Tank Mixer Chosen for High Methane Output at New Taiwan AD Plant

The biogas digester tank mixer which has been chosen for its high methane output at a new Taiwan AD Plant is the Landia GasMix. This best-in-class efficiency is already reported, in the Press Release below, to be providing, not only: the hoped-for sustainable biogas energy, but other notable spin-offs in reduced polluting manure discharges and […]

Image text: "Bio Thermic Digester gains acceptance" - update 2021.

Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) Gains Acceptance And May Become Major Competitor To Anaerobic Digestion

Bio Thermic Digester (BTD)┬áis the term for an innovative type of industrial-scale biological high temperature-digester which uses Aerobic Extremophilic Bacteria to achieve a remarkably high level of mass reduction and has been launched by waste treatment specialist Advetec. The technology is understood to be capable of rapidly processing significantly high volumes of organic municipal waste, […]

Image shows text: "Digester Mixing Theory Landia Gasmix Review".

Digester Mixing Theory And Landia GasMix Review

Read on for our discussion of CSTR Digester Mixing Theory and our Landia GasMix Review. Manufacturers that offer anaerobic digestion plant mixing systems will tell you that operators that seek better biogas plant efficiency and have digesters that lack mixing, can generally improve their biogas yield by adding a stirring and mixing system. Even those […]

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