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Image with the text: "Exploring The Pros And Cons Of Biomethane."

Biomethane Advantages and Disadvantages & Its Rapid Growth in the UK 2023-24

We promise an examination of biomethane its advantages and disadvantages—our honest view of its benefits and drawbacks. Looking for a way to tackle climate change? A rising number of people consider that biomethane might be part of the answer. This clean, renewable gas reduces greenhouse emissions and our dependence on dirty energy like coal and oil. Our blog will […]

The Concept of Carbon Neutral Fuel (featured image).

Understanding the Concept of Carbon Neutral Fuel: What Does It Really Mean?

Carbon neutral fuel: Maybe it sounds good, but what does it really mean? This is an important question because we will all be becoming much more familiar with the idea over the next few years, and if all goes well, there will be a lot of it around. Carbon-neutral fuel is a type of energy […]

Image text: "Biogas in Estonia showing an Envitech Plant".

Biogas in Estonia – Ambitious Growth Planned for Biomethane Vehicle Usage and to Meet EU Directives

In this article, we report on the ambitious expansion underway for biogas in Estonia, with big increases in production planned, especially for biomethane in transport and to meet EU Directives. Introduction to Biogas in Estonia Estonia has significantly shifted its energy focus towards renewable sources since joining the European Union. While oil shale was previously […]

Featured Image text: "EU Biomethane Boost to Gas Use".

EU Biomethane Boost – 8% of Gas Supply Should Be Biomethane by 2030 – 2021 Policy Paper Said

The biomethane boost from EU governments is due to be much larger than we described in our first report in January 2012, when we said: What will not be easy to obtain agreement on is the fact that, in their own words; “UE biomethane and green hydrogen, require additional incentives compared to the incentives required […]

Featured image text: "Biomethane Potential Test Laboratory Services".

Biomethane Potential Test Laboratory Procedures and Services

In the quest for sustainable and renewable energy sources, biomethane emerges as a beacon of hope. At the heart of understanding and harnessing this resource lies a crucial process: the Biomethane Potential (BMP) Test. This test is more than just a procedure; it’s a gateway to unlocking the energy potential hidden in organic waste materials. […]

Image with the text: "Methane vs biogas: Understanding the Differences".

Biomethane vs Biogas: Understanding the Differences

A Comparison Between Biomethane vs Biogas: What You Need to Know In today’s quest for sustainable solutions, the words ‘biogas’ and ‘biomethane’ often buzz around with considerable confusion. As renewable energy sources derived from organic waste rise in importance, understanding these terms becomes essential. But it is simple, the key fact to remember is: Biogas is often […]

Thumbnail image with text: "Biomethane Development Ireland".

Biomethane Development in Ireland Autumn 2023 Bright Future

In this article, we report on Biomethane Development in Ireland the story of the growth of Ireland’s biomethane industry as reported in several business and media announcements, as of the autumn of 2023. As an EU member nation Ireland’s bioenergy sector, including the Anaerobic Digestion industry, will participate in the “REPowerEU Strategy“. The new EU-wide […]

CO2 scrubbing meme

How to Eliminate CO2 from Biogas? “Scrubbing” Explained

Here we explain how to Eliminate CO2 from Biogas, (or CO2 Scrubbing). Biogas can be upgraded to pipeline natural gas quality (biomethane) for use as a renewable natural gas, but as part of the upgrading process, it will be necessary to remove the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the biogas. This upgraded gas may also be […]

Bio LNG Production: Featured Image with text: "A Guide to Bio Liquified Natural Gas Manufacture".

Bio LNG Production: A Guide to Bio Liquified Natural Gas Manufacture

Welcome to our blog about Bio LNG Production, this being our guide to Bio-Liquified Natural Gas manufacturing using the Anaerobic Digestion Process.   Is your business dealing with organic waste and looking for sustainable ways to convert it into valuable energy? You might find the answer in Bio-LNG, a renewable fuel derived from the anaerobic digestion (AD) of organic waste. […]

REPowerEU Strategy Plan YouTube Video.

REPowerEU Strategy Will Boost Biomethane from Biogas

A new EU wide plan known as the “REPowerEU Strategy” has become law. It will be a game changer for the European Biogas Industry and a massive boost for biomethane production from biogas which will drive the development of many more anaerobic digestion facilities across the European continent. REPowerEU is a European Commission initiative to […]

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