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REPowerEU Plan Includes Ambitious Biomethane Target

REPowerEU Plan Includes Ambitious Biomethane Target for 2030

The REPowerEU Plan is the European Commission’s plan to make Europe independent from Russian fossil fuels well before 2030, in the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It is the EU’s response to the hardships and global energy market disruption caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. What is the REPowerEU Plan? The majority of European […]

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How to Eliminate CO2 from Biogas?

Here we explain how to Eliminate CO2 from Biogas, (or CO2 Scrubbing). Biogas can be upgraded to pipeline natural gas quality (biomethane) for use as a renewable natural gas, but as part of the upgrading process, it will be necessary to remove the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the biogas. This upgraded gas may also be […]

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Biomethane in Australia Starts on Demand for RNG & Low Carbon Transport Fuel

Biomethane in Australia is getting started. The construction of Australia’s first biomethane plant has begun as public and industrial demand for renewable natural gas and low-carbon transportation fuels rises. The country also has a new government that is willing to go above and beyond in many aspects of climate change mitigation. The result is that […]

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Vale Green Biogas

AD Certification Scheme Accreditation Awarded to Vale Green Energy

Vale Green Energy joins the list of sites which have achieved AD Certification Scheme Accreditation. It has shown its intent to apply the high standard of AD plant operation that the AD industry considers good practice within their industry. ADBA members devised the scheme with a mission to raise the whole industry to those of […]

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3 Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Case Studies

These three anaerobic sludge digestion case studies explain how water utility companies are embracing the anaerobic digestion process as their method of choice for the treatment of the vast quantities of solid sludge materials which they aerate and settle out of the sewage entering their sewage works every day. While doing that they produce a […]

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Biogas and Biomethane in France – Current Growth and Status

Back in the spring of 2018, we said that biogas and biomethane output was about to grow in France as part of 15 point government plan, and we got that right! France intends to increase the amount of biogas/ biomethane injected into the gas grid from almost nothing in 2017 to more than half of […]

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Biomethane Price Now Lower than Natural Gas by 30% (EBA)

For the first time, the biomethane price is now lower than natural gas by as much as 30%. That’s the news from the European Biogas Association (EBA). In this article, we explain how renewable pure biogas methane known as rCNG (and RNG) has become substantially cheaper than Natural Gas (a fuel extracted from geological deposits) […]

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Biomethane Gas to Grid to Fuel UK “Levelling-up Agenda” with Decarbonisation Jobs

Earlier this week a Parliamentary Under-Secretary reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to supporting the anaerobic digestion industry in its quest to develop biomethane  “gas to grid” (gas to the nation’s natural gas grid). And to help fuel the UK “Levelling-up Agenda” while also adding to UK decarbonisation required to comply with national targets. Unfortunately, actions speak […]

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AstraZeneca and Biogas Go Net Zero 2025 – Because Biomethane Tech is Ready To Go!

Yes. AstraZeneca and biogas is the winning technology and using it they are going for Net Zero by 2025. They are using biogas to biomethane upgrade technology, via the anaerobic digestion process, a method of renewable energy production that is well-proven and tested. Future Biogas will get them there without any doubt because they are […]

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How to Make Hydrogen from Biogas – Utilising Biomethane

Here’s an explanation of how to make hydrogen from biogas, in this example by using biomethane. Why Make Hydrogen from Biogas? Hydrogen, together with biomethane, will play an important part in the future energy mix and will be at the core of the sustainable transportation revolution. Fuel cell technology is promised that will convert hydrogen […]