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Image introduces the Bio-toilet by HomeBiogas.

Amazing New Bio-toilet with Home Biogas Plant Turns Human Waste Into Fuel

Here is our video titled “Amazing New Bio-toilet Human Waste Into Fuel” which follows, we have also copied the script read out in the video below the video:

Watch this video on YouTube here: here

The HomeBiogas Bio-toilet

The home biogas bio-toilet is remarkable for its simplicity. For the first time using a DIY system delivered to your doorstep globally, a huge number of people will be able to process their “humanure” (poo and wee). They’ll do it using a home biogas plant, and applying the anaerobic digestion process.

If you have a toilet to flush, consider yourself lucky. Lots of people on Earth don’t have one. That’s an environmental problem the United Nations has aimed to highlight every Nov. 19. The folks at HomeBioGas are using the day to launch a bio-toilet aimed to two of life’s necessities: Pooping and eating. “Do you create your own gas?” the startup asks.

If that sounds gross, consider this: 2.3 billion people on Earth have no access to basic toilet facilities, and 892 million practice open defecation. That’s a practice that’s increasing in sub-Saharan Africa and Oceania due to population growth, according to the World Health Organization. This is linked to the transmission of diseases like cholera, diarrhea, and to death.

HomeBioGas is launching a system to attack those statistics, taking the waste people generate every day (depending on your schedule) and using a biodigester to convert the stuff into cooking fuel.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about briquettes. The unit turns waste into methane. Each unit comes with a specially adapted biogas stove, so you can cook on renewable energy at home. The company says a typical home stove top also can be converted to use the gas with a small nozzle adjustment.

The World Wildlife Fund notes that using methane for cooking means less of the greenhouse gas is released into the atmosphere. via

For those who already have the HomeBiogas system, the Bio-Toilet accessory will allow you to treat your toilet waste too. It is 100% off-the-grid and will only use 1.2 liters of water from a standing source. via

For the millions of people around the world lacking sewage lines or even basic lavatories, the new HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet could provide an answer for waste disposal and energy production all at once.

Flushed with a manual pump using only 1.2 liters of water, the Bio-Toilet does not need to be connected to a water or sewage line. It can also use “grey water” (graywater in US), [such as kitchen sink water, and bath water.]

The waste is flushed directly into the HomeBiogas solar biodigester, where it is broken down by bacteria and transformed into biogas for household needs along with other waste such as food scraps and animal manure.

While compost toilets can require manual emptying and can attract pests, the HomeBiogas system is completely sealed and there’s no need to have any direct contact or hand-remove waste. via

Our Bio-Toilet Video Script

The following is the transcription of the video:

The Bio-Toilet connects to the HomeBiogas system, which is an off-grid appliance that turns organic waste into renewable cooking gas.

The main appliance – the HomeBiogas system- takes waste such as food scraps and animal manure and using a biological process, turns that into biogas.

No chemicals and no toxins.

It uses a biological process that’s 100% a process that is constantly happening in nature all around us.

If you’re interested in more details, look up anaerobic digestion, which is the scientific name for the process that the HomeBiogas system uses.

Image introduces the Bio-toilet by HomeBiogas.The new Bio-Toilet, therefore, adds human waste (or humanure, as permaculturists may know it as), and uses that as an additional resource to generate free cooking gas.

The Bio-Toilet is an incredible use of sustainable technology.

This is a life-saver for refugee camps, where sanitation, and energy are scarce.

But, more “typical western families” should be adopting this type of technology as well.

We’re entering an era where our planet just cannot afford limitless toilet flushing, nor the old wasteful (extraction, use, and landfill) ways.

Our rivers will die if we keep discharging our human waste, and don’t begin to repair past damage.

This closed-loop system is exactly the kind of technology we need to adopt if we’re going to keep living on this planet.

What’s really great about the Bio-Toilet and the HomeBiogas system is that it makes sustainable living so easy.

“The potential for the Bio-Toilet is huge, particularly in rural and remote areas. The logistics and installation are so simple.”

Click the link below to visit HomeBiogas for more info.

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    • Don Brown
    • February 19, 2019

    Nice to see that there is a logical development of the HomeBiogas product range. How about making device to pump the gas into the house gas pipes, not just to use the gas on the stove, but whole house?

    • DALE W WULFF pe
    • February 19, 2019

    Thank you and thank God for the original design. Sincerely, Dale

  1. Reply

    In India the bio-toilets developed by DRDO have failed everywhere. Even the army, for whom it was developed, has repeatedly said they don’t work.

    1. Reply

      Looks like you refer to bio-digesters which have been installed in trains. I think they must be very different from the bio-toilets in this article.

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