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Composting Toilet vs a Biogas Toilet 1010w

What is a Composting Toilet and How is it Different From a Biogas Toilet (Bio-toilet)

The question of what is a composting toilet and how is it different from a biogas toilet (Bio-toilet) has been asked of us several times recently. It’s the composting toilet vs bio-toilet debate, that arises from an article we wrote almost 2 years ago in which we described a biogas “bio-toilet”. That’s an eco-toilet which […]

Image introduces the Bio-toilet by HomeBiogas.

Amazing Bio-toilet with Home Biogas Plant Turns Human Waste Into Fuel

We find it amazing how one designer and manufacturer has been able to take the familiar flushing toilet and produce a new bio-toilet which when combined with a Home Biogas plant, turns human waste Into fuel at a low cost, and very sustainably. Here is our video titled “Amazing New Bio-toilet Human Waste Into Fuel”. […]

Image text: "Home Biogas Low Cost Domestic Biogas Plant".

HomeBiogas a Low Cost Domestic Biogas Plant for Western Families

The HomeBiogas™ Unit is a domestic biogas plant that uses organic waste to produce methane from organic matter. HomeBiogas plants can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a reliable source of methane for cooking and heating. They are easy to install and use, and can be operated without special training. From the […]

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