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Anaerobic Digestion vs Incineration featured image.

Anaerobic Digestion Vs. Incineration: A Comparison Of Waste Treatment Methods

Anaerobic digestion vs incineration may seem like a strange comparison to make. But now that many people in the waste management industry do, these days, rightfully recognize anaerobic digestion as an alternative, and often much better, alternative to incineration, the comparison of the two waste treatment methods is relevant. However, navigating the pros and cons […]

Image with text: "Biogas Digester Mixing Systems Go Big for Landia in Indonesia".

Biogas Digester Mixing Systems Go Big for Landia in Indonesia

A large order for Landia’s biogas digester mixing systems is to boost Landia’s presence in Indonesia. In the heart of Indonesia, amidst the lush landscapes of Java, a remarkable transformation is underway. It’s a tale that begins with grass materials but ends with something truly magical – clean, renewable biogas energy. But this isn’t the […]

Image with text: "Biogas yield from sewage increases".

Biogas Yield from Sewage Sludge Increases Up To 30% in Existing AD Plants

Today we are delighted to report the good news that water utility companies in the UK are achieving a significantly improved biogas yield from sewage sludge, with increases of up To 30% in their existing AD Plants, through improved reliability and simple upgrades to their main reactor tank mixing equipment. Now read our case study: […]

Featured Image: "Use of Biochar in Biogas Production".

Use of Biochar in Biogas Production: Its Amazing Benefits Explained

We explain how the use of Biochar in Biogas Production is a symbiotic combination with a hitherto unsuspected set of benefits which by enhancing clean energy production may now be the game changer for biogas and biomethane production it always needed to become the low-cost technology of choice for massive sustainable renewable energy production. Introducing […]

Image shows a new biogas advance in Romania. A pasteurizer made by Landia.

Landia Pasteurizers for ABP Pathogen Free Fertilizers & Soil Improvers

Are you a biogas plant operator accepting ABP waste and concerned about the spread of diseases through conventional fertilizers and soil improvers? Here’s a fact: Landia’s pasteurisers can create Animal By-products Regulations (ABP) – compliant pathogen-risk-free product outputs. This blog will offer insights into how these devices deactivate harmful organisms to ensure safe, high-quality soil improver and fertiliser products. […]

Panoramic view of a biogas digesteranaerobic digestion

Digester Wastewater Treatment – Understanding Digestion of Sewage Works Sludge

Read this for an understanding of digester wastewater treatment, which to most people means the digestion of sewage works sludge. Yes. We are talking about the crappy solid matter in foul sewage! But don’t recoil from this subject because this detritus has great potential to assist the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions! Introduction Dealing […]

Featured image with text: "Landia digester mixing system boots biogas output by 20%".

Landia Digester Mixing System Boosts Biogas Output by 20%

In his case study, we explain how a Landia Digester Mixing System has raised all-important biogas output by 20%. This improvement has been maintained for over 2 years since installation and has enabled Downers Grove Wastewater Treatment Center to become 100 percent net energy neutral. Press Release (18 January 2020): Landia Digester Mixing System Increases […]

Image with text: "Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised".

Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised at World-Class Nigg Wastewater Plant

Sludge Digesters are being used increasingly by water utility companies, and they can be important as energy providers in these times of high nonrenewable energy prices, so the fact that sludge digester efficiency has been raised significantly at a Wastewater Plant is significant. Scroll down to see the original Press Release from May 2019. The Need […]

Low Cost Faecal Sludge Management by Anaerobic Digestion Co-disposal

Low Cost Faecal Sludge Management by Anaerobic Digestion Co-Disposal

Before discussing low-cost faecal sludge management and the role of Anaerobic Digestion Co-Disposal, let’s start by defining faecal sludge (also spelled “fecal”). What is Faecal Sludge Management? Thankfully, that’s easy. Wikipedia tells us: Fecal sludge management (FSM) (or faecal sludge management in British English) is the collection, transport, and treatment of fecal sludge from pit […]

Image has text: "What is sewage sludge".

What is Sewage Sludge? Wastewater Treatment Sludge Biosolids

If you are asking; “What is Sewage Sludge?” read on and you will find sewage sludge, biosolids and Wastewater Treatment Sludge are all defined and explained here. What does SEWAGE SLUDGE mean? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under this licence. Sewage sludge is the remaining, semi-solid material that is left over after the cleaned-up water is […]

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