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Biomethane Vs Natural Gas: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

This page is where you will find our comprehensive comparative analysis of biomethane versus natural gas, which demonstrates a huge prospect for rapid growth in biomethane output. Choosing the right energy source is a big problem for many people today. We all want something that is clean, affordable and does not harm our planet. Biomethane and […]

First shipping fleet to use green biogas fuel.

Recent News and Developments in Biogas Engines for Shipping

Biogas Engines For Ships: The Trend Toward Biogas In Maritime Transport Finding greener options for fuel in ships is a big challenge today. The International Maritime Organisation aims to cut ship emissions by half by 2050. Our article explores the latest developments and how biogas can offer a solution, providing cleaner energy for ships. Keep reading to learn more! Understanding Biogas […]

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Is Biogas Renewable? Unveiling The Truth Behind Its Sustainability

Many people ask, is biogas renewable? It is mostly methane (a severe greenhouse gas) and when it is burned, it creates carbon dioxide (the gas we are told is the main culprit behind climate change!). So, isn’t the truth behind its sustainability that the whole idea of renewable biogas is pure greenwash? Read on to […]

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Biogas in Estonia – Ambitious Growth Planned for Biomethane Vehicle Usage and to Meet EU Directives

In this article, we report on the ambitious expansion underway for biogas in Estonia, with big increases in production planned, especially for biomethane in transport and to meet EU Directives. Introduction to Biogas in Estonia Estonia has significantly shifted its energy focus towards renewable sources since joining the European Union. While oil shale was previously […]

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What is Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate?

Methane Stripping of Landfill Leachate refers to the removal of dissolved methane from landfill leachate before it is directly pumped into a public sewer. If the methane dissolved in leachate was allowed to enter the sewers, it may be present in sufficient concentrations to cause an explosion and/or asphyxiation risk within the sewer into which […]

Turning poop into power article featured-image

Turning Poop into Power: A Breakthrough in Waste Management and Renewable Energy

What is the world coming to when we say we will talk about turning poop into power! Are we crazy? No not at all. There is nothing silly or childish about this revolution in bioenergy and waste management. To put it bluntly: Using livestock poo and human toilet waste as fuel. In the world of […]

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Seasons Greetings to All Our Visitors and Subscribers

Hi! Seasons Greetings to all who visit our website, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas please also accept our best wishes. We hope this year’s Christmas card (top of page) brings a smile to your face. We also so much hope that reading our articles through 2023 has been enjoyable. Amazingly, we have just realized […]

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Biomethane vs Biogas: Understanding the Differences

A Comparison Between Biomethane vs Biogas: What You Need to Know In today’s quest for sustainable solutions, the words ‘biogas’ and ‘biomethane’ often buzz around with considerable confusion. As renewable energy sources derived from organic waste rise in importance, understanding these terms becomes essential. But it is simple, the key fact to remember is: Biogas is often […]

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The Balloon Biogas Plant: A Sustainable Solution For Renewable Energy Generation

The Balloon Biogas Plant can be a long-term answer to renewable power production for small farms and rural communities. Stick around while we make the case for that hypothesis in this article! While searching for renewable energy solutions, you might have stumbled upon the concept of balloon biogas plants. These unique constructions use heat-sealed plastic or […]

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Solid State Anaerobic Digestion (SSAD): Turning Waste into Biogas

Solid State Anaerobic Digestion (SSAD) is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way we think about waste management and renewable energy production. In this introductory section, we will delve into the world of SSAD, shed light on its significance, and explore how recent engineering advances have transformed the landscape of anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion […]

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