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There's no Net Zero without Biogas: ending waste, delivering the circular economy, tackling the climate crisis.


Biomethane buses Reading UK an advantage of biogas biomethane illustrated.

Decarbonising Transport is Biggest of all Advantages of Biogas

The advantages of biogas are many and elsewhere on this blog we list them, but until now the biggest advantage of biogas (in Decarbonising Transport especially when “upgraded” to biomethane) has been waiting to be discovered. Globally there is no large and successful city that is not suffering air pollution from the ever-rising numbers of […]

Image text: "Biogas and biomethane in France".

Biogas and Biomethane in France – Current Growth and Status

Back in the spring of 2018, we said that biogas and biomethane output was about to grow in France as part of 15 point government plan, and we got that right! France intends to increase the amount of biogas/ biomethane injected into the gas grid from almost nothing in 2017 to more than half of […]

Image text: "Digester Mixing System Increases Biogas Production".

Digester Mixing System Increases Biogas Production by Over 40% – Case Study

The more biogas output that can be achieved from any Digester Mixing System at anaerobic digestion plants, the better. That’s especially important in these days of the Russian war on Ukraine, and the likelihood of reduced energy supplies to Europe from Russia. So, we were very pleased to receive, and publish below, the most recent […]

Image shows the functions of biogas plant

The True Function of a Biogas Plant | Benefits Listed by Real Farmers

Answering the question of the function of biogas plants. Many people new to the industry would say that the true function of a Biogas Plant is surely simply to make biogas… Full stop! end of discussion. And yet, this would be at odds with the long list of other AD Plant benefits invariably listed by […]

Image text: "12 Biogas Generator Types".

12 Biogas Generator Types

Here is our list of 12 Biogas Generator types where we use the word generator as the means by which biogas is generated or created. Some use the word generator to mean an electricity generator powered by biogas, but that’s not how we interpret the word “generator” here. In Europe and increasingly in the US, […]

How much biogas?

How Much Biogas? Examples of High Energy Performance

“How Much Biogas is needed to make Electricity, or Drive a Car from organic waste?” That’s a question often asked. We will provide an answer which has been achieved for one high-performance anaerobic digestion (AD) plant here, so READ ON! What ferments longest, in the most optimised biogas plant makes the most biogas… Watch our […]

Image text: "Biogas in South Korea".

Biogas in South Korea

The prospect for Biogas in South Korea is looking up! Since President Moon Jae-in took office, the prospects for anaerobic digestion in South Korea have increased. The government has been making strenuous efforts to attain autonomy in the electricity and heat sectors, as well as to considerably expand the percentage of renewable energies. Increasing the […]

Image text: "AstraZeneca and Biogas go net zero 2025".

AstraZeneca and Biogas Go Net Zero 2025 – Because Biomethane Tech is Ready To Go!

Yes. AstraZeneca and biogas is the winning technology and using it they are going for Net Zero by 2025. They are using biogas to biomethane upgrade technology, via the anaerobic digestion process, a method of renewable energy production that is well-proven and tested. Future Biogas will get them there without any doubt because they are […]

Image text: "What is a biogas reactor slowdown".

What is a Biogas Reactor? and Biogas Slowdown

For those that ask “What is a biogas reactor” the definition we use is as follows: Definiton of a Biogas Reactor The following video explains more about what biogas is: is… << Coming Soon >> A More Detailed Alternative Definition for “What is a Biogas Reactor” A biogas reactor is an airtight chamber that facilitates […]

Image text: "Brewdog brewery makes biogas from leftover grain".

Brewdog Brewery Makes Biogas from Leftover Grain But How is Brewdog Carbon Negative?

The Brewdog Brewery makes biogas from leftover grain and that helps fight climate change by producing renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and lowering global temperature rises. But, how is Brewdog’s business operation overall carbon negative? Let’s start with a definition: “Carbon negativity is achieved when a business or individual removes more carbon from the atmosphere […]