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Image with the text: "Top 5 KPIs for Anaerobic Digestion Plants."

The Top 5 KPIs for Anaerobic Digestion Plants

Are you operating one or more anaerobic digestion plants? If so, fail the indicators (KPIs) in our list of the top 5 KPIs for anaerobic digestion plants and you will most likely lose money. Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants have been increasingly recognized as an effective solution to not only generate renewable energy but also to […]

Image text: "5 renewable energy lesson plans".

5 Renewable Energy Lesson Plans – A Set of Teaching Worksheets to Grade 7

In a diversion from our usual articles, this article is about helping teachers to educate schoolchildren up to Grade 7 with four Renewable Energy Lesson Plans. These plans are each included below in the sections which follow, but first please read our introduction to understand our motivation and our intended outcome: Introduction to Renewable Energy […]

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