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Anaerobic Digestion

An engineer inspecting an anaerobic digester cover in a biogas facility.

Use Innovative Anaerobic Digester Covers to Maximize Biogas Production

Maximising biogas production often challenges anaerobic digestion plant designers and digester owners. Anaerobic digester covers are critical for capturing valuable biogas, a flammable gas with immense potential for energy production. This blog outlines innovative cover options that enhance methane production, odour control, and overall efficiency of digesters. Discover how to turn organic waste into sustainable […]


Anaerobic Digestion In Lithuania

Why write about anaerobic digestion In Lithuania? Many countries are wrestling with the challenge of finding sustainable energy sources and reducing waste. Lithuania, a country committed to eco-friendly solutions, is one of many countries looking at anaerobic digestion for biogas and biomethane production as a possible answer. But what exactly is anaerobic digestion? And how […]

Side stream ammonia stripping article - featured image.

Side Stream Ammonia Stripping from Biogas Digestate and 4 of Its Many Benefits

Learn about biogas digestate side stream ammonia stripping (better known to the uninitiated as “ammonia removal plus return the flow back where it came” and its many advantages. For years this amazing opportunity to raise profitability and bioreactor process stability has seldom been discussed. We decided to promote this simple technology and to do so […]

Featured image with text: Sugar waste biogas pumped by Borger.

Sugar Waste Biogas Production Enhanced by Borger Rotary Lobe Pumps

In this article, we discuss unlocking the potential of anaerobic digestion or sugar waste biogas including sugarcane biomass, and sugar beet waste for biogas production not forgetting pre and post-consumer sugary food waste. However, none of this would be possible without reliable and affordable equipment to convey the viscous fibre-filled mash of this biomass through […]

On-farm Biogas Liquefaction Article Thumbnail image.

On-Farm Biogas Liquefaction: A Game Changer for Small-Scale AD Plants?

Is it possible that a new French biogas liquefaction technology might prove to be a game changer for small-scale AD plants? Read on to find out more. The burgeoning biogas industry holds immense potential for renewable energy generation and waste management, particularly in the agricultural sector. However, it can be hard for small-scale and medium-sized […]

Featured image with text: "Biomethane in sustainable transport."

Driving Change: The Role Of Biomethane for Transport

Looking for ways to reduce air pollution from cars and trucks can be challenging. One promising solution is biomethane for transport, a green fuel. This article explores how biomethane could change transport for the better, making it cleaner and more sustainable. Keep reading to find out more! The European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan The European Commission’s REPowerEU Action Plan aims to diversify gas […]

Image text: "Considerations when Building Steel Retaining Walls".

Building Steel Reinforced Concrete Retaining Walls at Biogas Plants

As more biogas plants are constructed, the idea of constructing steel-reinforced concrete retaining walls is becoming more crucial. Space can be minimal, especially when AD plant owners decide to add additional digester tanks to existing tank farms. Using a retaining wall is often the only way in which AD plants can be squeezed onto the […]

Image with the text: "Mandatory Separate Food Waste Segregation For All UK Businesses Set By 2026."

Mandatory Separate Food Waste Segregation For All UK Businesses Set By 2026

Food waste is not just a problem with a few plate scrapings; it’s a global challenge impacting our environment dramatically. With years of experience in separate food waste segregation, particularly focusing on sustainable waste management practices, I’ve seen firsthand how mismanagement of food waste can exacerbate climate change issues. This blog draws from extensive research […]

Image with text: "Digester Remediation Blame Game Must Stop for Failing Biogas Plants."

Digester Remediation: Blame Game Must Stop for Failing Farm Biogas Plants

Remediating digesters when commissioning new plants fails, is becoming a crisis in which disputes over liability are all too common. In this article, we have to report a lack of willingness among some suppliers to sort out teething problems that are in danger of leading the whole industry into disrepute. Ladies and Gentlemen, Farmers, and […]

The image depicts a blooming Opuntia Prickly Pear Cactus in a semi-arid desert landscape.

Opuntia Prickly Pear Cactus: A Promising Energy Crop for Biogas Production in Semi-Arid Areas

Finding renewable energy sources for dry, challenging climates can be tough. Did you know the Opuntia Prickly Pear Cactus holds promise as an innovative biofuel producer? This blog will explore how this resilient plant could transform biogas production in semi-arid regions. Keep reading to uncover a desert treasure turning waste into energy! Key Takeaways Potential […]

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