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Anaerobic Digestion

Text in image says: "FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion Process Control".

FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion Process Control – Can You Justify Using Anything Less?

FOS/TAC Anaerobic Digestion process control combines all the important health indicators for a biogas plant’s optimum day-to-day operational adjustments based on the best science. FOS/TAC measurement provides operators with an optimum target ratio to achieve the most stable digester at optimum biogas yield. It costs a bit more to measure than alkalinity, but the technology […]

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The Balloon Biogas Plant: A Sustainable Solution For Renewable Energy Generation

The Balloon Biogas Plant can be a long-term answer to renewable power production for small farms and rural communities. Stick around while we make the case for that hypothesis in this article! While searching for renewable energy solutions, you might have stumbled upon the concept of balloon biogas plants. These unique constructions use heat-sealed plastic or […]

Anaerobic Digestion vs Incineration featured image.

Anaerobic Digestion Vs. Incineration: A Comparison Of Waste Treatment Methods

Anaerobic digestion vs incineration may seem like a strange comparison to make. But now that many people in the waste management industry do, these days, rightfully recognize anaerobic digestion as an alternative, and often much better, alternative to incineration, the comparison of the two waste treatment methods is relevant. However, navigating the pros and cons […]

Solid State Anaerobic Digestion (SSAD) Featured Image.a

Solid State Anaerobic Digestion (SSAD): Turning Waste into Biogas

Solid State Anaerobic Digestion (SSAD) is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way we think about waste management and renewable energy production. In this introductory section, we will delve into the world of SSAD, shed light on its significance, and explore how recent engineering advances have transformed the landscape of anaerobic digestion. Anaerobic digestion […]

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Secondhand Methane Stripping Towers for Sale – Limited Time Offer on Packed Towers, Tower Scrubbers

Read on for information about our exclusive limited-time offer of 5 secondhand ex-methane stripping towers, currently excess to requirements which could provide a versatile and cost-effective solution to gas treatment at biogas plants. Are you seeking an efficient and cost-effective solution for gas treatment in your operations? If so these stripping units, also ready for […]

Anaerobic Digester/ Biogas plant explosions tragic update

Anaerobic Digester Plant Explosions – Explosive Risk at Biogas Facilities

Any anaerobic digester plant explosion is one too many. Read on to discover a number of incidents that have shown the explosive potential of methane in AD plants can be unleashed when least expected. Nobody was hurt in the biogas digester plant explosions reported in the media in the UK until 2020. In December 2020, […]

Featured image text: "What does a pipeline maintenance service contractor do?"

What Does A Pipeline Maintenance Service Provider Do for Biomethane Injectors?

We decided it was time to write about what a specialist pipeline maintenance service provider can do for AD plant owners and operators that inject pressurized renewable natural gas (RNG) into the gas grid, with so many new biogas plants producing upgraded biomethane injected into the gas grid. This article goes back to the basic […]

Featured image text: "Converting food waste to animal feed".

Converting Food Waste to Animal Feed: Going Beyond Leftovers for Livestock

Welcome to our journey into the fascinating world of converting food waste to animal feed. Explore the sustainable practice of converting food waste into valuable animal feed. Learn how this innovative approach reduces waste, cuts methane emissions, and supports a greener future. Discover practical steps for businesses to take action. Join us in the journey […]

feature Image with text: "Simpler Recycling Collections".

Simpler Recycling Collections by 2026 Announced & All England to Get Separate Food Waste Collections

“Simpler Recycling Collections” by 2026 as announced by Defra, also means that all local authority councils in England will provide householders with separate weekly food waste collections from the kerbside by the end of 2026. On Friday 21 October the UK government put out a Press Release which is of interest to the AD community […]

Featured image - Text: "Food Waste Biogas-How to do it".

Food Waste Biogas Made from Local Authority Organic Collections is a Green Marvel: How to Do It Right

Food waste biogas, in other words, making renewable fuel (methane) from local authority food waste (by using it as a feed for the Anaerobic digestion (AD) process) to make biogas is a marvel. But it has numerous potential pitfalls. It can ONLY be an effective component of a municipal organics recycling system if done right, […]

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