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Anaerobic Digestion

Featured Image with text: "WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants".

WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants: A Comprehensive Study

Are you struggling to optimise the performance of your biogas plant and unsure about which pump system to employ? The use of WANGEN pumps in such facilities has been transforming the process of anaerobic digestion globally for many years. This comprehensive study delves into how these advanced pieces of equipment efficiently convey viscous substrates, ensuring optimum production for biogas plants. […]

Featured Image: "Salmon fish waste biogas: Sustainable_Aquaculture."

Salmon Fish Waste Biogas: Pioneering a Sustainable Future for Aquaculture

Salmon Fish Waste Biogas is not a pleasant thought. But, undeniably, the fishing and fish cultivation industries necessarily produce a lot of organic waste. In particular salmon fish waste and fish waste in general was until recently simply thrown into landfills. Thankfully, that is not necessary any longer. Not since the development of fish waste […]

Image text: "Anaerobic Digestion vs Fermentation".

Anaerobic Digestion vs Fermentation – The Crucial Differences Explained

In this case, before comparing the two ostensibly different processes Anaerobic Digestion vs Fermentation, the question arises whether they are not the same process that has simply been approached from different directions by separate scientific disciplines? This could explain the use of two terms where one would suffice but would we be correct to say […]

Image shows a new biogas advance in Romania. A pasteurizer made by Landia.

Landia Pasteurizers for ABP Pathogen Free Fertilizers & Soil Improvers

Are you a biogas plant operator accepting ABP waste and concerned about the spread of diseases through conventional fertilizers and soil improvers? Here’s a fact: Landia’s pasteurisers can create Animal By-products Regulations (ABP) – compliant pathogen-risk-free product outputs. This blog will offer insights into how these devices deactivate harmful organisms to ensure safe, high-quality soil improver and fertiliser products. […]

Anaerobic- digestion vs composting: Making a Comparison

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Anaerobic Digestion vs Composting

What are the advantages and disadvantages of anaerobic digestion vs composting is a question asked by a large number of people. Many of our readers who are familiar with composting, but who are thinking more widely about the subject of recycling organic waste and have just heard about Anaerobic Digestion want to know the anaerobic […]

Image illustrates the question of what are the costs of anaerobic digestion.

Costs of Anaerobic Digestion – Capital Cost per Cow Plus Electricity and Gate Fee Income

The Costs of Anaerobic Digestion are of course what everyone thinking of embarking upon a biogas project wants to know. At the same time very few AD Plant owners and contractors give out their costs to a general audience. Finding costs and income data is rare. That’s understandable due to the commercially sensitive nature of […]

Featured imnage with the text: "Comparing Substrate Feed Systems".

Comparing Substrate Feed Systems for Biogas Plants: WANGEN PUMPEN BIO-MIX & Progressive Cavity Pumps vs. Other Systems

Efficient and cost-effective substrate feed systems are essential for biogas plants to maximize their operations, so we thought that we would compare the substrate feed systems for Biogas Plants. In this article, we conduct a detailed comparison between BIO-MIX technology using WANGEN PUMPEN Progressive Cavity Pumps with the other systems currently offered.   Introduction The […]

Featured image: "UK AD Industry expresses disappointment with lack of progress on Climate Change Measures".

UK Anaerobic Digestion Industry Expresses Disappointment Over Government’s Climate Change Progress

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has again voiced its disappointment with the UK government’s lack of leadership and commitment to anaerobic digestion (AD), following the release of the Climate Change Committee’s latest progress report. The ADBA emphasizes that AD has the potential to significantly reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, support the achievement […]

Anaerobic Digestion in South Africa illustrated by image showing a biogas plant.

Anaerobic Digestion in South Africa – Biogas an Untapped Renewable Resource

The adoption of Anaerobic Digestion in South Africa is at an early stage in what will be a large and productive local industry if developed to even a small proportion of its full potential. For anyone familiar with the country it must be undeniable that they have large untapped renewable resources in all forms of […]

Featured image with text that says: "Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Tech".

Brewery Waste Management: A Review of WASE’s IndustriWASE Treatment Technology

Brewery Waste Management is a vital subject for the brewing industry. With wastewater treatment and disposal with energy now accounting for approximately 8% of expenditures for UK breweries, brewers must choose between constricted margins, passing costs on to customers, or both. Drink production in breweries, wineries, and distilleries presents special water and wastewater treatment issues. […]

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