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Image text: "Solving AD plant pipe blockage problems".

Solving Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant Pipe Blockage Problems

In this article, we explain a highly effective way to solve food waste digestion plant pipe blockage problems, by using specialist pumps that are highly efficient in conveying “difficult to pump” fluids. Pipe Blockages – An Increasing Problem for Food Waste Biogas Plants The topic of how to prevent food waste anaerobic digestion plant pipe […]

Image with the text: "Digester Mixers by Landia Raise Biogas Production While Revamping a Troublesome AD Plant".

Digester Mixers by Landia Raise Biogas Production While Revamping a Troublesome AD Plant

Once again digester mixers installed by Landia have turned out to be a crucial component for success when taming a troublesome AD facility. Let’s have a natter about a proper success story. I’m talking about Eco Verde Energy’s (EVE) revamp at their Anaerobic Digestion (AD)+ plant in Holton, Suffolk. Now, this isn’t just any old […]

A technician adjusts a biogas booster pump system in a state-of-the-art renewable energy facility, highlighting the advancements in sustainable energy production.

The Biogas Booster Pumps Guide

This is our independent Biogas Booster Pumps Guide: Unlock the full potential of your biogas system with a gas pressure booster pump. Learn how to select the perfect one for maximum efficiency in this latest blog post. Searching for a way to optimize your biogas system for profitable energy sales? Did you know, that the […]

Image with text: "Biogas Digester Mixing Systems Go Big for Landia in Indonesia".

Biogas Digester Mixing Systems Go Big for Landia in Indonesia

A large order for Landia’s biogas digester mixing systems is to boost Landia’s presence in Indonesia. In the heart of Indonesia, amidst the lush landscapes of Java, a remarkable transformation is underway. It’s a tale that begins with grass materials but ends with something truly magical – clean, renewable biogas energy. But this isn’t the […]

Featured Image with text: "WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants".

WANGEN Pumps in Biogas Plants: A Comprehensive Study

Are you struggling to optimise the performance of your biogas plant and unsure about which pump system to employ? The use of WANGEN pumps in such facilities has been transforming the process of anaerobic digestion globally for many years. This comprehensive study delves into how these advanced pieces of equipment efficiently convey viscous substrates, ensuring optimum production for biogas plants. […]

Featured imnage with the text: "Comparing Substrate Feed Systems".

Comparing Substrate Feed Systems for Biogas Plants: WANGEN PUMPEN BIO-MIX & Progressive Cavity Pumps vs. Other Systems

Efficient and cost-effective substrate feed systems are essential for biogas plants to maximize their operations, so we thought that we would compare the substrate feed systems for Biogas Plants. In this article, we conduct a detailed comparison between BIO-MIX technology using WANGEN PUMPEN Progressive Cavity Pumps with the other systems currently offered.   Introduction The […]

Featured image with text: "Biogas Mixers: New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE!"

Biogas Mixers – New Digester Mixing System Makes More Gas for EVE

Are you tired of struggling with outdated and inefficient biogas mixers/anaerobic digester mixing in your biogas plant? Imagine a solution that not only boosts your yields but also pretty much eliminates the headaches of repairs and downtime. Look no further, because Eco Verde Energy (EVE), a leading green energy services provider, has found the key […]

Image has the text; "The Food Waste Problem".

The Food Waste Problem: Seasonal and Panic Buying Avalanches – Covid Lessons

The food waste problem has become more difficult in recent years as a result of seasonal and panic-buying. Food waste avalanches at food waste disposal facilities and biogas plants mean that large quantities go beyond the capability of the existing biogas plant and composting facilities. And, the result is that without the reserve capacity to […]

Borger Powerfeed revolutionizing biogas plant output.

Borger Powerfeed Digester Feeding is Revolutionizing Rural Energy at a Sychtyn Farm

In this article, we explain how the Borger Powerfeed Biogas Feeding System powers the biogas digesters which are revolutionizing rural energy production. This is followed here by a Press Release which provides a case study of it powering up a farm in Sychtyn, North Wales. Introducing the Borger Powerfeed The Borger Powerfeed is a biogas […]

Featured image with text: "Landia digester mixing system boots biogas output by 20%".

Landia Digester Mixing System Boosts Biogas Output by 20%

In his case study, we explain how a Landia Digester Mixing System has raised all-important biogas output by 20%. This improvement has been maintained for over 2 years since installation and has enabled Downers Grove Wastewater Treatment Center to become 100 percent net energy neutral. Press Release (18 January 2020): Landia Digester Mixing System Increases […]

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