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Image with text: "Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised".

Sludge Digester Efficiency Raised at World-Class Nigg Wastewater Plant

Sludge Digesters are being used increasingly by water utility companies, and they can be important as energy providers in these times of high nonrenewable energy prices, so the fact that sludge digester efficiency has been raised significantly at a Wastewater Plant is significant. Scroll down to see the original Press Release from May 2019. The Need […]

Image with text: "Better Biogas Production from WWTW Thickened Sludge".

Better Biogas Production from Wastewater Treatment Works Thickened Sludge

Biogas production improvements that raise the yield of methane from any given quantity of biomass fed into an anaerobic digestion plant are the holy grail of AD. The one thing which, above all else, was holding back the development of anaerobic digestion was the current level of profitability which until the steep energy price rises […]

A biogas digester mixing with Landia GasMix

Biogas Digester Mixing for POME Energy Utilisation at CSTR Plants in Asia

We report on how Biogas Digester Mixing for palm oil mill effluent (POME) fed continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) Biogas Plants in Asia are being equipped with highly acclaimed Landia GasMix mixers. It is clear, as explained in the Press Release below, that the importance of AD plant mixing is now gaining recognition in Asia. […]

Landia Chopper Pumps featured image

Landia Chopper Pumps Shine for Effectiveness & Reliability

Landia Chopper Pumps are available in multiple capacities, including two-stage, multistage and submersible. These pumps are a valuable asset for businesses which need to pump slurries which may contain rope, twine, and long fibres on occasion. If solid matter such as small wood pieces, lumps of clay and dung is also possibly present in the […]

Image Text: "How Biogas Plants Can Help Ireland".

How Irish Biogas Plants Can Help Ireland Achieve Renewable Energy Targets

Irish biogas plants if fully developed, starting now, can help Ireland achieve its Renewable Energy Targets. Read on to find out how! Introducing the Potential for Irish Biogas Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in the European Union, and its biomass resources are immense. As such, it aims to become energy-independent and needs reliable and efficient […]

Image text says: "Screw Separation of Biogas Digestate".

Screw Separation of Biogas Digestate is Now a Farm Favourite

Screw Separation of Biogas Digestate is a commonly used method of dewatering digestate. It uses mechanical pressure to separate organic fibres and larger particles from the liquid. The resulting liquid which flows out through the screen is usually suitable for use as a natural bio-fertiliser, for use on the farm. The exception to this can […]

Image text: "Landia Digester Mixers Still Brilliant After 10 years use".

Landia Digester Tank Mixers Still Brilliant 8 Years On

Digester Tank Mixers installed by Landia really do matter says Eco because the output of methane and even the stability of the anaerobic digestion process are dependent on the effective mixing of the digester contents. Scum and froth are minimised and gas output is maximised by the use of an efficient mixing process. In addition, […]

Image text: "Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply the Global Anaerobic Digestion Market".

Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply Global Anaerobic Digestion Market

Anaerobic digestion process (AD or biogas) pumps, frequently known simply as AD Pumps, are supplied by Landia globally and used at various stages of the biogas production process; Liquid manure pumps are used at the start in livestock farm digesters, followed by Digester pumps are used where the collected waste is transferred to the digester, […]

Image text: "Biogas digester cost and farm fertiliser savings".

Biogas Digester Cost and Amazing Farm Fertiliser Savings

Stay on this page if you want our views on biogas digester cost and to see a case study on the dramatic fertiliser cost savings which were the result of fitting a new mixer system designed to raise the profitability of AD plants. How much does it cost to build a biogas plant? Biogas plant […]

Image text: "Food waste pump proves itself at US University Biogas Plant".

Food Waste Pump Proves Itself at Largest US University Biogas Plant

Landia Press Release: At the largest University campus AD/Biogas plant in the United States, a chopper pump made by Landia has now completed eight years of continuous robust service, despite the very tough environment of being in a food waste and FOG (fats, oils and greases) reception pit. The facility at Michigan State University (MSU), which converts […]

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