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Image text: "Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply the Global Anaerobic Digestion Market".

Landia AD Pumps and Mixers Supply Global Anaerobic Digestion Market

Anaerobic digestion process (AD or biogas) pumps, frequently known simply as AD Pumps, are supplied by Landia globally and used at various stages of the biogas production process;

  • Liquid manure pumps are used at the start in livestock farm digesters, followed by
  • Digester pumps are used where the collected waste is transferred to the digester, and finally
  • Substrate or digestate pumps are similarly used to pump the content of anaerobic digesters
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) mixers, such as the Landia GasMix, ensure optimum mixing for high biogas yields.

Due to the abrasive nature of the handled medium and solid content, progressive cavity and peristaltic are the technologies preferred for use as AD or so-called biogas pumps.

The following is an archive version of a World Biogas Association Press Release which describes Landia's role in the formation of the WBA, back in July 2018:

Landia joins World Biogas Association - AD PumpsLandia the well-known AD pumps and mixers company, which offers full lifetime service on all its products, has moved on to the World Biogas scene and has now become a founder member of the World Biogas Association.

Press Release:

Landia AD pumps and mixers take to World Biogas stage

Landia, inventors of the chopper pump and pioneers of the acclaimed GasMix digester mixing system, have become the newest members of the World Biogas Association.

Founder members of the UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), Landia has significantly increased its global presence in the biogas industry during the past decade, particularly in China, the UK, the USA, the Far East and Australasia.

Landia’s Export Sales Director Thorkild Maagaard commented:

“As founder members of ADBA, joining the World Biogas Association is a natural step in our drive to find new markets.

“The common benefit enjoyed by our customers is reliability, back-up and our externally-mounted GasMix system, which makes life much easier and far more economical for AD operators. No biogas plant wants disruption to their process. GasMix also boosts gas yields, so it’s a win-win. We look forward to working closely alongside our new fellow members to spread the good word about biogas”.

Landia's externally mounted GasMix digester mixing system now World Biogas Association member

Speaking for the World Biogas Association, David Newman, President, added:

“We’re delighted to have Landia join the World Biogas Association. They have been strong advocates of AD since day-one of ADBA’s launch almost a decade ago – and ever-presents at UK AD & World Biogas Expo. We look forward to working closely with Landia, to continue to grow biogas markets around the world”.

For more information about Landia visit www.landiaworld.com

For more information about the World Biogas Association visit: www.worldbiogasassociation.org

— End of Press Release —

Web Round-Up of Landia Information

Landia was founded in 1933, so they now have 80 years of experience in producing customized products of high quality. Today, Landia is one of the world's leading manufacturers of chopper pumps, propeller mixers, aeration systems and advanced process equipment. via Pumps and Mixers by Landia A/S

The Landia of Computer Gaming! Pure Fantasy!

Landia is a four-headed dragon that appears in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. He is revered as a guardian of Halcandra, the inhospitable planet on which he lives, for keeping the legendary treasures of Halcandra safe since ancient times, most notably the Master Crown.

Landia was inadvertently responsible for setting the events of the game in motion. According to Magolor, he suddenly awoke from his long-lasting slumber and rampaged, attacking the Lor Starcutter and sending him spiralling to Planet Popstar; however, Magolor neglected to explain that Landia's behaviour was in response to Magolor stealing the Lor and attempting to pilfer the Master Crown. Magolor battled Landia in the Lor and lost, forcing him to flee to the safety of another planet to recover–as no planets were nearby, he opened a rift and escaped into another dimension. via  FANDOM

Landia AD Pumps – History by Landia A/S

In 1950, Landia created their first chopper pumps. A chopper pump is a pump with rotating knives at the inlet, ensuring that the pump does not stop due to impurities in the fluid being pumped.

Landia's chopper pump was originally designed to chop slurries like straw, which is always present in liquid manure and always previously caused pump breakdowns and other problems.

Landia chopper pumps are still widely used for pumping liquid manure, but they have also received recognition for their excellence in other industries where trouble-free pumping is required for many slurries.  Examples of these are untreated wastewater, sludge, liquid biomass, by-products from the food industry or highly abrasive fluids.

Tragedy for Landia struck in May 2017:

Shropshire couple killed in road accident in Mauritius

Hugh Vaughan, and his wife Liz, were travelling together in a taxi. It is with deep sadness and shock that we have to report the untimely death of Hugh Vaughan, Director of Landia UK, who together with his wife Liz passed away after a road accident. via Shropshire couple killed

[Article first published in July 2018. Updated July 2022.]

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    • meridith winner
    • July 31, 2018

    Good to read of a British organisation taking the World Stage. Well done.

    • Take Action
    • April 10, 2019

    Time is running out. Climate change ain’t waitin for experts.

    You guys need to stop talking and take action.

    Join up and start marching? Thanks!

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