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Responsible Digestate Storage and Optimizing the Use of the Fertiliser

Managing digestate storage can be tricky, and there is plenty of room for confusion given that digestate has two forms: liquid and solid fibres. One fact stands out: improper management of either can lead to environmental harm, but it is the liquid form that causes the most concern. This article will show you ways to store and manage liquid […]

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Digestate Monitoring for Productive Biogas Plant Operation and Low Downtime

Very few people have written about digestate monitoring for productive biogas plant operation, but careful sampling and analysis of the digestion process is essential for any commercial anaerobic digestion process. It’s essential, to reliably achieve high methane yields and the lowest downtime periods. By referring to digestate monitoring in this article, we also make the […]

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Anaerobic Digestate Fertilizer for Plant Nutrition in Agriculture

Anaerobic digestate fertilizer can be an important source of the essential elements of plant nutrition in agriculture. To put it simply: The sustainable renewable fertilizer made from the leftovers of the “decomposition process that doesn’t use oxygen” can be a key source of the vital nutrients plants need to grow in farming. For the agricultural […]

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How to Improve Soil Health: The Planet Saving Role of Compost and Digestates

How to Improve Soil Health is a pressing concern. It was the subject of evidence Dr Jane Gilbert from Carbon Clarity gave oral evidence on behalf of CIWM to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee at the House of Commons recently. Her presentation was provided with an emphasis on the value of compost and […]

Digestate from anaerobic digestion

Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion: A Valuable Nutrient-rich Liquid for Sustainable Agriculture

Using digestate from Anaerobic Digestion provides a valuable plant fertiliser. In fact, unlocking the potential of digestate is vital for the sustainability of the agriculture sector. There is nothing else quite as good when you take a holistic view of its many benefits. Digestate is a valuable nutrient-rich liquid produced from the process of anaerobic […]

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Anaerobic Digestion Basics and 5 Tips on How AD Works

We bring you the Anaerobic Digestion Basics (AD) and if you scroll down, 5 tips on how AD Works. AD is in-truth an unhelpful acronym for the basic age-old natural process that produces renewable energy as heat and biogas, and at the same time makes a natural crop fertilizer. That, in a nutshell, is basic […]

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Drying Digestate from Biogas Plants – Fluidised Bed Fertiliser Advances

Drying digestate from biogas plants has major benefits. In the advanced TEMA Process™ a fluidised bed dryer dries the residual waste after digestion (the solid and fibrous (thick) portion of the digestate slurry). The mixed stream of the thick fraction and the concentrated thin fraction is dewatered to 70-75% Moisture Content. This is followed by […]

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Screw Separation of Biogas Digestate is Now a Farm Favourite

Screw Separation of Biogas Digestate is a commonly used method of dewatering digestate. It uses mechanical pressure to separate organic fibres and larger particles from the liquid. The resulting liquid which flows out through the screen is usually suitable for use as a natural bio-fertiliser, for use on the farm. The exception to this can […]

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How to Use Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture

It’s not plain sailing to use digestate in agriculture, so we thought that we would explain how one farm uses their digestate in their agricultural business in the UK. Using Digestate from Anaerobic Digestion Plants in Agriculture Anaerobic digestion is a controlled biological process using biodegradable materials such as food waste and animal manures, to […]

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16 Uses for Biogas Digestate Very Few AD Plant Owners Have Heard of

Biogas digestate it’s use, or disposal is often a vexed question for anaerobic digestion plant owners. Many consider their digestate (i. e. the solid and liquid AD Plant output) to be no more useful than for spreading on their fields. That may be a great use for it and will reduce chemical fertiliser bills. Some, such […]

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