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Image with the text: "What is Biogas Beginners AD Large & Small".

What is Biogas? Beginner’s Anaerobic Digesters Large & Small

We answer the question: “What is Biogas?” Biogas is generated during anaerobic digestion (AD) when microorganisms break down (by eating it) organic materials in the absence of air (or oxygen). Biogas is mostly methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), with very small amounts of water vapor and other gases. The carbon dioxide and other gases […]

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Biogas Tax Credits Available for US AD Projects from 2020

Biogas Tax Credits have now been available since 2020 when this new subsidy support for the US was passed by Congress for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) projects which started development in 2020. So, at last! The US seems now to have started on the road toward reducing the imbalance in automatic tax subsidies still paid to […]

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Climate Emergency Declaration: Biogas Can Abate 12% of GHG Emissions by 2030

A Climate Emergency Declaration by governments and communities is of little or no use unless it results in a commitment to an action plan. Most don’t! So our announcement of the Biogas and Climate Change Commitment Declaration in 2019 was notable. Notable because this commitment is real. All the technology needed is available right now. […]

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Green Biogas – UK Green Investment Bank Backing Is Proof

We have said many times that the anaerobic digestion process makes green biogas profitable with a good ROI, but where is the proof of that? Back in December 2012 when we first posted this article, we based our case on a “Utility Week” article here which announced that Anaerobic digestion and energy efficiency had won the […]

Text in image says: "Biogas from Fish Waste - Energy off the Hook.

Biogas from Fish Waste – Energy off the Hook at Waste Salmon AD Plant

Producing biogas from fish waste might not seem like a big deal to mainlanders, but it truly is a big deal on an island with a lot of salmon farms. Getting “energy off the hook” is a sustainable renewable gas-making “fishy business” that provides 24/7 power in all weather conditions to power local communities just […]

What are Biogas Plants?

What are Biogas Plants? – Digesters Explained with Examples

So, what are Biogas Plants? Biogas plants are systems that use organic waste to generate renewable energy (biogas). Biogas is a gas mixture composed of methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases formed when organic matter decomposes in the absence of oxygen. Anaerobic digestion is the process of producing biogas from organic waste. 1 – An […]

Image has the text: "Gobar Gas the Benefits of Gas from Dung".

Gobar Gas the Benefits of Gas from Dung

Gobar gas is also known as “Bio gas” or simply “biogas”. Its main component is animal dung (gobar – India) along with some other organic matter like dead remains of plants and animals. It can be used for cooking, electricity generation and heating purposes. How Does a Gobar Gas Plant Work? A gobar gas plant […]

Dairy Farm Biogas Production-process with Advert.

Introduction to the Dairy Farm Biogas Production Process

The dairy farm biogas production process begins with the collection of manure and other organic materials from the farm. The organic materials are then mixed with water and degraded by bacteria to create biogas. The biogas is then pressurized, cleaned and purified to grid quality and used to power facilities on the farm. That in […]

Text on featured image says: "Stop Mass Extinction in 2011 implement biogas decarbonisation now."

Mass Extinction in 2100 – Is UNFCCC’s Warning – Implement Biogas Decarbonization Now!

Concerned about accelerating mass extinction in 2100, and subsequently?  Read this to find out how maximising biogas production now is an essential tool towards the decarbonization of Europe. By decarbonising quickly the benefits accrue over the years and provide much more benefit in reduced temperature rises, than by doing this later. Scroll down to read […]

Buried masonry biogas digester tank during construction.

Biogas GCSE – BBC Bitesize Teaching and Course Content Queries

Anaerobic Decay, Methane Gas and Biogas Generators are all topics students learn in the UK Biogas GCSE student curriculum. Here they are discussed from the point of view of a UK biogas expert. Parents: Did you know that biogas GSCE content is being taught in UK schools?  Yes, it is. It is good news that […]

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