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Landia Chopper Pumps featured image

Landia Chopper Pumps Shine for Effectiveness & Reliability

Landia Chopper Pumps are available in multiple capacities, including two-stage, multistage and submersible. These pumps are a valuable asset for businesses which need to pump slurries which may contain rope, twine, and long fibres on occasion. If solid matter such as small wood pieces, lumps of clay and dung is also possibly present in the […]

Image Text: "How Biogas Plants Can Help Ireland".

How Irish Biogas Plants Can Help Ireland Achieve Renewable Energy Targets

Irish biogas plants if fully developed, starting now, can help Ireland achieve its Renewable Energy Targets. Read on to find out how! Introducing the Potential for Irish Biogas Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in the European Union, and its biomass resources are immense. As such, it aims to become energy-independent and needs reliable and efficient […]

Image text: "Home Biogas Low Cost Domestic Biogas Plant".

HomeBiogas a Low Cost Domestic Biogas Plant for Western Families

The HomeBiogas™ Unit is a domestic biogas plant that uses organic waste to produce methane from organic matter. HomeBiogas plants can be used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a reliable source of methane for cooking and heating. They are easy to install and use, and can be operated without special training. From the […]

Image text: "AD Certification Scheme Update - 3 BioCapital Awards"

ADCS – AD Certification Scheme Update – 3 BioCapital Awards

The AD Certification Scheme (ADCS) has moved on from the first certification in 2018 with additional plants now certified. In this article update, we provide further scheme awards while also providing the archive version of the original ADBA announcements. (Scroll down if you wish to read our latest BioCapital AD Certification award announcement.) Page Contents: […]

Image text says: "Landia Pasteurizer is ABP Compliant".

Landia Pasteurizer is ABP Compliant – Fish Waste Treatment Etc

A Landia pasteurizer is a device used in fish waste treatment. This pasteurizer is an approved Animal By-Products (ABP) pasteurizer. This pasteurizer has a wide range of benefits. In addition to improved fish waste management, a Landia pasteurizer is also environmentally friendly. This machine has been helpful to the Isle of Lewis, a small Scottish […]

Image text: "Farm Methane Digesters US".

Farm Methane Digesters – What to Know About Cow Power

Farm methane digesters are large tanks, or covered lagoons, where organic materials from the dairy farm are stored and broken down by bacteria and organisms called archaea to make renewable methane gas. These are also known as anaerobic digesters: facilities that harness the power of methane produced by decomposing cow waste and convert it into […]

Image text: "Horse Manure Biogas Plants".

Horse Manure Biogas Plants

Horse manure biogas plants are facilities where horse manure is degraded by microorganisms such as bacteria and archaea to produce methane-rich biogas. This gas can be used to generate electricity or heat, or it can be used as a transportation fuel. Horse manure biogas plants are a relatively new technology, but they are becoming more […]

Image text: "Fish silage process equipment Landia".

Fish Silage – Landia Fish Ensiling Process Equipment

Fish silage is a highly nutritious feed for livestock, but it can be difficult to prepare properly. In this blog post, we will explore the best ways to prepare fish silage, so that your livestock can benefit from its many nutrients. From choosing the right fish to ensuring that the silage is properly fermented, we […]

Image illustrates electricity generation from biogas

Electricity Generation from Biogas

Electricity generation from biogas is not new. There are already millions of biogas plants in operation throughout the world and many provide electricity. The biogas generators needed to produce electricity from biogas are available at all scales of output. Plus, the technology to clean up the raw biogas before it is combusted is available, tried and […]

Image text: "Biogas Climate Change Benefits and Dangers".

Biogas Climate Change Benefits and Dangers

The biogas climate change debate spans many considerations. There are undoubtedly many climate change reduction benefits that expanding the production of biogas, and the anaerobic digestion process which makes it, will bring. But, there are also dangers lurking from the production of larger quantities of renewable biogas which can act to accelerate climate change. Read […]

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