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Pipeline Quality Gas and 3 Biomethane Gas to Grid Benefits

Pipeline Quality Gas (i. e. natural gas pipeline quality gas made from biogas) and the acceptance of biogas upgrading technology which purifies raw biogas to pipeline quality is the greatest success story of the anaerobic digestion industry of the last 10 years. Acceptance of their “pipeline quality gas” (i.e biomethane) by the natural gas network […]

Featured image with text: "Anaerobic Digestion in the US: 6 Incentives".

Anaerobic Digestion in the US: 6 Federal and State Incentives and Funding

The use of biogas as an energy source is on the rise in the United States, due to both federal and state incentives and funding initiatives. Biogas is a renewable energy source produced from the decomposition of organic matter, such as food waste, manure, and other organic materials. In this blog article, we will explore […]

Image text: "Biogas Potential is Too Small".

Biogas Potential is Too Small to Make a Difference – 2 Myths Busted! WBA Report Shows

How large is the biogas potential in terms of energy output? Can there ever be enough anaerobic digestion plants to really make enough of a difference to significantly reduce global carbon emissions? The pessimists peddle the 2 main myths that: 1) the energy yield from biogas production is too low, which makes it uneconomical and […]

Anaerobic digestion of whey - Featured Image

Anaerobic Digestion of Whey – The Proven Biogas Technology Solution

Disposing of unwanted whey from commercial dairies, was once a considerable problem. But, that was before recent developments in the anaerobic digestion of whey and biogas plant technology. Instead of a problem whey which is not for any reason suitable for food production has become an asset. During the anaerobic digestion process microorganisms break down […]

Image text: "Is Natural Gas Renewable? 8 Reasons Why it's Not".

Is Natural Gas Renewable? 8 Reasons Why it’s Not in a Million Years

We answer the often-asked question: “Is natural gas renewable?” and give 8 reasons why it is non-renewable. Not even if you waited a million years! 8 Reasons Natural Gas (NG) is Not Renewable Most natural gas and oil formations date back between 10 (Cenozoic) and 180 (Mesozoic) million years ago. All so-called but a tiny […]

Image: "List of 8 Biogas Uses"

8 Biogas Uses List – How Biogas is Used to Make Lives Sustainably Better

Here is our list of 8 biogas uses in points. While reading this, bear in mind that biogas is most often made from organic waste materials which would otherwise have no use. The waste digester feedstocks can usually be obtained at a low cost or for free. Above all, it is a sustainable fuel which […]

Image to illustrate the development of biogas in India, the biogas industry, and anaerobic digestion.

Biogas in India – Growing But Its Huge Potential is Still Untapped

Biogas in India so far has been largely a story of small agricultural, community-scale anaerobic digestion plants, and domestic biogas creation. This has been mostly for cooking use in the homes of the biogas plant owners/ communities. The adoption of commercial large-scale anaerobic digestion throughout India is required for: higher production of affordable renewable energy […]

Image introduces the Bio-toilet by HomeBiogas.

Amazing Bio-toilet with Home Biogas Plant Turns Human Waste Into Fuel

We find it amazing how one designer and manufacturer has been able to take the familiar flushing toilet and produce a new bio-toilet which when combined with a Home Biogas plant, turns human waste Into fuel at a low cost, and very sustainably. Here is our video titled “Amazing New Bio-toilet Human Waste Into Fuel”. […]

IMAGE TEXT: "Biogas Power for Low CO2 Emissions".

Biogas Power for Low CO2 Emissions & Carbon Negative Electricity

The use of biogas power for renewable low carbon dioxide emissions and, with carbon capture, the ability to provide carbon-negative electricity is unique and growing. In general, the cost of biogas power is slightly higher than the cost of generating electricity from wind or utility-scale solar PV but this is more than offset by the […]

Image text: "Benefits of Biogas and the Challenge".

Benefits of Biogas and the Challenge Ahead

In an age of worrying climate change and looming fossil energy decline, the benefits of biogas are obvious. It’s no longer a matter of proving the many benefits. The challenge is now to rapidly increase the adoption of the process, wherever there is a source of waste biomass. This was always going to be essential […]

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