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Combined Heat and Power

Image text: "Advanced Conversion Technologies Extract Energy from Waste".

Advanced Conversion Technologies Extract Energy from Waste – AD Rivals?

Advanced Conversion Technologies is the term for technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis. These could become competitors with Anaerobic Digestion. In fact, a number of innovative advanced, high-temperature processes for Energy from Waste/ Waste to Energy, are beginning to emerge from the far east. Extracting Energy from Waste Provides a Sustainable Source of Energy Advanced […]

IMAGE TEXT: "Biogas Power for Low CO2 Emissions".

Biogas Power for Low CO2 Emissions & Carbon Negative Electricity

The use of biogas power for renewable low carbon dioxide emissions and, with carbon capture, the ability to provide carbon-negative electricity is unique and growing. In general, the cost of biogas power is slightly higher than the cost of generating electricity from wind or utility-scale solar PV but this is more than offset by the […]

Image text: "What was the RHI The UK Renewable Heat Incentive closed in 2022".

What was the RHI? The UK Renewable Heat Incentive that Closed in 2022

So, what was the RHI? “RHI UK” is shorthand for Renewable Heat Incentive, a government subsidy that closed in 2022. The UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI UK) was introduced to help kick-start the transition to low-carbon heating in the UK, giving help to all in moving from conventional forms of heating to low-carbon alternatives. Although […]

Image text: "Combined Heat and Power Plants with SCR Exhaust Gas".

Combined Heat and Power Plants with SCR Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems

It has been more than 4 years since we wrote about the first combined heat and power plants with SCR Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems that were being delivered by ETW Energietechnik of Germany at that time. We have archived our original (March 2018) article below, for our readers because it remains relevant today. In this […]

Image text: "Combined heat and power advantages and disadvantages".

Combined Heat and Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Combined heat and power advantages and disadvantages are now under the spotlight like never before. This comes from the recent realisation that producing renewable energy alone will not be enough to fully abate climate change and avoid global damage. This article discusses the pros and cons of this type of system. Read on for our […]

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