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Home Biogas

Image introduces the Bio-toilet by HomeBiogas.

Amazing New Bio-toilet with Home Biogas Plant Turns Human Waste Into Fuel

Here is our video titled “Amazing New Bio-toilet Human Waste Into Fuel” which follows, we have also copied the script read out in the video below the video: Watch this video on YouTube here: here The HomeBiogas Bio-toilet The home biogas bio-toilet is remarkable for its simplicity. For the first time using a DIY system […]

HomeBiogas home digester

HomeBiogas a Low Cost Domestic Biogas Plant for Western Families

A new company named HomeBiogas is set to become a big player in the anaerobic digestion industry, but tailored to home biogas requirements. For them, is all about producing biogas in the home, or more accurately outside in the yard! Home biogas is widely produced in developing regions of the world. However, in the last […]