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View of tall Stallenkamp CSTRs the 1st of a new breed.

Stallkamp Builds It’s First Mega Tall Digester CSTRs (IFAT)

“Mega” Tall Digester CSTRs or the claim to “very large tall Continuously Stirred Tank Reactors” (CSTRs) as made by Stallkamp in their Press Release below, may sound a little over-the-top, but it makes a very valid point.  They may well be the first of many new-style tall tanks. Certainly, as anaerobic digestion technology advances, the […]

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Climate Emergency Declaration: Biogas Can Abate 12% of GHG Emissions by 2030

A Climate Emergency Declaration by governments and communities is of little or no use unless it results in a commitment to an action plan. Most don’t! So our announcement of the Biogas and Climate Change Commitment Declaration in 2019 was notable. Notable because this commitment is real. All the technology needed is available right now. […]

Image with the text: "UK Energy Security Plans Lack Biogas Action".

UK Energy Security – DESNZ “Powering Up Britain” Plans Lack Biogas Action

This week’s “Powering Up Britain” announcement from the government, which could do so much to improve UK Energy Security, has received a lukewarm response generally. The ADBA Press Release below shows that disappointment within the biogas community goes deeper: “Our view on this is that climate change is a real and imminent threat to our […]

Image has the text: "Oil Shale Gas Advantages and Disadvantages".

Oil Shale Gas Advantages and Disadvantages vs Biogas

We did find one advantage of shale gas when considering oil shale gas advantages and disadvantages vs biogas! So, welcome to the great debate between oil shale gas, and biogas. As someone who has studied many difficult comparisons, I understand that every scenario has advantages and disadvantages. It’s no different when it comes to fossil […]

Thumbnail for Anaerobic Digestion Regulations video.

4 Anaerobic Digestion Regulations – UK Environmental Protection, Animal By-products, Duty of Care, Health and Safety

Anaerobic Digestion Regulations surprisingly, don’t exist in the UK. At least not all neatly bundled into a single government act or rule book. Instead, AD Plant operators must comply with a range of statutory requirements (“Laws” to you and me). The four main UK Anaerobic Digestion Regulations which must be tackled to ensure compliance once […]

Dairy Farm Biogas Production-process with Advert.

Introduction to the Dairy Farm Biogas Production Process

The dairy farm biogas production process begins with the collection of manure and other organic materials from the farm. The organic materials are then mixed with water and degraded by bacteria to create biogas. The biogas is then pressurized, cleaned and purified to grid quality and used to power facilities on the farm. That in […]

Landia Anaerobic digester mixing systems

Anaerobic Digester Mixing Systems With Lowest Cost of Ownership

Selecting anaerobic digester mixing systems to obtain the lowest cost of ownership is important for any biogas plant operator. To consistently produce a high rate of biogas production, anaerobic digesters rely on efficient mixing systems to break up scum and solids and distribute them throughout the digester. The cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining these […]

Text on featured image says: "Stop Mass Extinction in 2011 implement biogas decarbonisation now."

Mass Extinction in 2100 – Is UNFCCC’s Warning – Implement Biogas Decarbonization Now!

Concerned about accelerating mass extinction in 2100, and subsequently?  Read this to find out how maximising biogas production now is an essential tool towards the decarbonization of Europe. By decarbonising quickly the benefits accrue over the years and provide much more benefit in reduced temperature rises, than by doing this later. Scroll down to read […]

Featured Image with the text: "9 Benefits of a Circular Economy".

9 Benefits of a Circular Economy and the Ugly Truth if we Don’t Change

The circular economy is an increasingly popular concept that is gaining traction within many industries. In this blog post, we will explore the 7 main benefits of the circular economy and how it can help businesses to operate more sustainably and efficiently. We will look at how the circular economy can reduce waste, increase sustainability, […]

Free 2023 Recycling Cartoon Calendar

Free 2023 Recycling Calendar Download – Sponsored by Depackaging Company

Our free 2023 Recycling Calendar is a download of 2 pdfs (cover and inner pages), produced jointly between us and Drycake our sponsor. For those that would prefer not to print it out themselves, there is a hard copy version that is available on the LuLu publishing website (all links are provided below.) Press Release: […]

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