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UK Low Carbon Transition Plan summary article Cameron graphic

The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan – Summary and Update

It is easy to forget that, despite the 2010 – 2015 UK Coalition Government’s lack of enthusiasm for green issues, the UK’s world leading CO2 emissions reduction legislation is still in force. It became law in the Climate Change Act 2008, and the high ideals embodied in that Act remain and have been taken forward in the 2012 […]

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Anaerobic Digestion Basics – 5 Tips to Bring You Up to Speed with Understanding Biogas Plants

Facing up to and overcoming challenges is an essential part of life. A common challenge faced by many is getting to grips in their mind what the Anaerobic Digestion Basics are. Some succeed so swiftly and well that it appears to be easy for them. Some people appear to struggle without achieving significant results. Exactly […]

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New Renewable Energy Regulations in Germany Make Biogas Funding Less Attractive

New Renewable Energy Regulations in Germany Make Biogas Funding Less Attractive– A new German renewables law will create new biogas funding hurdles, however, the effect will only effect certain biogas plant sizes and types, and shouold be seen against a strong biogas market in the country. In the long-term delivering value to the taxpayer is […]

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