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From Anaerobic Digestion News to Here!

Steve Last Anaerobic Digestion blogger

After blogging about Anaerobic Digestion and biofuels for at least the past 4 years or so, via a “blogger blog” named Anaerobic Digestion News I am feeling rather restrained by the limitations of the blogger blog format.

That’s the reason for starting afresh with this new blog.

However, I must say that such thoughts are not due to any problems with using Blogger Blogs as a blogging platform, in fact the oppsite is true, and Google’s service in providing me with a free blogger blog over those years has been amazingly good.

So what do I plan for this blog?

Well, a lot more of the same reporting on developments in the ever expanding field of anaerobic digestion, biogas and now with the advent of biofuels as a potentially huge area for those with anaerobic digesters to move into.

Using biogas to generate electricity has been the staple ingredient for the vast majority of AD Plants so far, but it isn’t the most efficient use or even necessarily the highest value product to be focussing on when you are producing biogas and wish to maximimise your profit and therefore many AD Plant managers will be intently interested in the biogas biofules scene in the months and years to come.

Alerady, there are numerous anaerobic digestion plant projects underway that use alternative energy product routes, and as oil prices continue to stay high or rise, we will also see inreasing use of biogas as a starting point for the production of chemical industry products which previous only come from oil refineries.

It is those developments which continue to make the subject of anaerobic digestion one that fascinates me. I hope it is also one which will draw you my readers to kep retuing to read my content.

In addition to the continued dvelopment of interetsign new subject areas within the AD scene itself, blogging is also changing. Time was that it was perfectly fine to copy (duplicate) other poeple’s blog postings, and on no occasion has anyone ever complained, there is a new blogging style which I will be using which is increasimgly being called blog curation. The idea that the person blogging will act as a “curator”. He or she will be rather like the curator in a library. Knowledgeable about the subject to a degree but most importantly able to put together interesting and useful collections of news items, with technical information and all the time adding perspective and commentary on the news item themselves.

I will do my utmost to attribute credit for other people’s content which I include, and use parenthesis and quotation formatting with invitations to my readers to visit the web pages of the quoted content.

This is the direction which blogging is taking and it is an altogether more circumspect and ethical way to blog, while giving the blog owner still more opportunity to provide his/her views and develop a like minded following than ever before.

That’s it for now. I hope you will enjoy this blog and do feel free to subscribe – it’s free and always will be!

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