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Landia pasteuriser

Text in image says: "Biogas from Fish Waste - Energy off the Hook.

Biogas from Fish Waste – Energy off the Hook at Waste Salmon AD Plant

Producing biogas from fish waste might not seem like a big deal to mainlanders, but it truly is a big deal on an island with a lot of salmon farms. Getting “energy off the hook” is a sustainable renewable gas-making “fishy business” that provides 24/7 power in all weather conditions to power local communities just […]

Image text says: "Landia Pasteurizer is ABP Compliant".

Landia Pasteurizer is ABP Compliant – Fish Waste Treatment Etc

A Landia pasteurizer is a device used in fish waste treatment. This pasteurizer is an approved Animal By-Products (ABP) pasteurizer. This pasteurizer has a wide range of benefits. In addition to improved fish waste management, a Landia pasteurizer is also environmentally friendly. This machine has been helpful to the Isle of Lewis, a small Scottish […]

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