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US anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic Digestion in US

Anaerobic Digestion in US – A Large Biogas Opportunity

The development of Anaerobic Digestion in the US states-wide is progressing more rapidly today than at any other time. The nation is beginning to realise that it is sitting on a very large Biogas Plant development and climate change emissions reduction opportunity! That much is undeniable. We set out to find out what the US […]

Food waste : Featured image to illustrate Anaerobic digestion in the US.

Anaerobic Digestion in the US Shows Growth Despite Low Electricity Prices

Anaerobic Digestion in the US is expanding despite no subsidies, in most cases. Many opinion-formers suggest that Anaerobic Digestion technology needs strong subsidies to have a chance of being developed to meet its potential. However, US AD site “Biocycle”, has posted an article which suggests the contrary. It says that’s not the case in the […]