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Emissions Trading

Image text: "How to Get to Net Zero - A Guide"

How to Get to Net Zero: The Guide for Companies and People

How to Get to Net Zero is our guide to help you discover the secrets to achieving net zero emissions and creating a sustainable future. Explore our comprehensive strategies and tips for a greener life! Are you struggling to understand how to achieve net zero in your life or organisation? There is certainly more to […]

Image text: "Biogas in Africa - particularly Sub-Saharan Africa".

Biogas in Africa as a Replacement for Fossil Fuels in Sub-Saharan Africa

Biogas in Africa can have a central role in the replacement of fossil fuels in Sub-Saharan Africa and in providing affordable and clean energy as identified in the 2030 UN SDG 7. So, despite many setbacks and our previously voiced very real concerns about transparency and accountability when things go wrong, we provide this updated […]

Image with the text: "UK Emissions Trading Scheme Fails".

UK Emissions Trading Scheme Fails to Provide Clear Path for Biogas and Biomethane: Biogas Potential Ignored

In the continuously evolving landscape of renewable energy and emissions control, the UK Government’s response to the consultation on the UK Emissions Trading Scheme (UK-ETS) throws into sharp relief the stark reality of policy disconnect with the globally burgeoning biogas sector. The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has been left hanging by a thread […]

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