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Featured image with text: "Anaerobic digestate fertilizer for Plant Nutrition in Agriculture."

Anaerobic Digestate Fertilizer for Plant Nutrition in Agriculture

Anaerobic digestate fertilizer can be an important source of the essential elements of plant nutrition in agriculture. To put it simply: The sustainable renewable fertilizer made from the leftovers of the “decomposition process that doesn’t use oxygen” can be a key source of the vital nutrients plants need to grow in farming. For the agricultural […]

Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News - featured image.

Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News 2023: Promoting Sustainable Solutions

This post continues our tradition of providing an annual round-up of Anaerobic Digestion UK Food Waste News, for 2023, this being a part of our policy of promoting sustainable solutions for all organic forms of waste treatment and disposal. In this blog post, we will delve into the latest news and developments surrounding anaerobic digestion […]

biogas digestate treatment

Fibrous Biogas Digestate Enhancement and Treatment Techniques

The following article is an explanation of the options for Anaerobic Digestion Plant Digestate Enhancement, (Fibrous Biogas Digestate), which were reviewed by Pell Frischmann Consultants when they produced a report for WRAP in the UK (in December 2014), on the subject of Biogas Digestate Enhancement and Treatment Techniques, in 2012. It includes an updated background to […]

Image text: "Solving AD plant pipe blockage problems".

Solving Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion Plant Pipe Blockage Problems

In this article, we explain a highly effective way to solve food waste digestion plant pipe blockage problems, by using specialist pumps that are highly efficient in pumping difficult to pump fluids. Pipe Blockages – An Increasing Problem for Food Waste Biogas Plants The topic of how to prevent food waste anaerobic digestion plant pipe […]

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