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Digestate Drying

Image states: "Drying digestate from biogas plants"

Drying Digestate from Biogas Plants – Fluidised Bed Fertiliser Advances

Drying digestate from biogas plants has major benefits. In the advanced TEMA Process™ a fluidised bed dryer dries the residual waste after digestion (the solid and fibrous (thick) portion of the digestate slurry). The mixed stream of the thick fraction and the concentrated thin fraction is dewatered to 70-75% Moisture Content. This is followed by […]

Image text: "Digestate drying"

Digestate Drying – Does It Make Sense Environmentally and Economically?

Digestate drying might seem like a great way to make a natural/ sustainable fertiliser product but think of the large heat demand to dry such a high water content material (at often 90% water)… It has to be asked: “Does It make sense environmentally and economically to evaporate it until dry”? Digestate is a type […]

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