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Biomethane Vs Natural Gas: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

This page is where you will find our comprehensive comparative analysis of biomethane versus natural gas, which demonstrates a huge prospect for rapid growth in biomethane output. Choosing the right energy source is a big problem for many people today. We all want something that is clean, affordable and does not harm our planet. Biomethane and […]

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The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan – History Summary and Update

The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan, which operated from 2010 to 2020, is no longer current. It was a white paper explaining how the British economy would be reformed to guarantee the UK: reached its emission reduction targets, secured its future energy sources over the period covered, maximised economic prospects for employment, skills, and investment, […]

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How to Reduce Methane Emissions – Using Agricultural and Waste Biogas

The question of how to reduce methane emissions is an important one. It is not fully appreciated that the science shows that the ONLY way to meet global temperature rise targets is to drastically reduce methane emissions now. This can be done by using tried and tested agricultural and waste sector biogas technology. No new […]

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