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Image text: "London Food Waste Mixed by Landia".

London Food Waste Mixed by Landia and BIO Collectors

It’s vital that London Food Waste, much of which is collected and used to create renewable biogas energy, is well mixed as it ferments. If not, less biogas energy is produced the recycling rate is disappointing and the biogas plant may even fail to operate correctly. The Press Release (see below) explains how one of […]

Inage text: "Biogas Plant Mixing Energy Costs Halved".

Biogas Plant Mixing – Energy Costs Halved Say Landia

Biogas plant mixing when “done right” will raise the gas yield per unit of biowaste feed. But, not only that, the result can simultaneously be a reduction in mixing energy requirements. It all works to help raise biogas plant profitability, especially when we are told that energy costs for mixing can be halved. This is […]

Image shows the Landia Chopper pump

Landia Chopper Pumps

25 Landia Chopper Pumps bought one after the other! Why? Chris Reynall describes the pump that; “is a processing device in its own right. Chemically and biologically, it breaks everything down – and doesn’t get blocked”. Landia Press Release: Pioneer’s biogas benefits by using ‘more than just a pump’ the Landia Chopper Pump The tagline […]