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EPA and USDA Boost For Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas As Major Renewable Energy Source

Support for the implementation of anaerobic digestion from governments is the most important driver for uptake for AD and biogas technology worldwide. Time and again around the world it can be seen that technical experts can win the case for the viability of innovative technologies in utility service provision, and businesses may offer great new technologies which clearly […]

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Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure in the US

In order to pick up the skills needed to take the plunge and invest in anaerobic digestion technology, on any farm to be straight out of college is not essential, but being young and enthusiastic clearly helps, as in our first news item, which follows: Armed with a master’s degree in animal science, Vanderkooi opened […]

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Malaysian Palm Oil Millers Tap In To Huge Biogas Potential

Malaysian Palm Oil Millers Tap In To Huge Biogas Potential– This article,,which is quoted from the Malaysia Star, very eloquently describes how Malaysian Palm Oil Millers are incresingy tapping in to the huge biogas potential which exists from their abundant palm wastes, left over once they have extracted the palm oil. The figures are very compelling […]

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