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Anaerobic Digester for Sale – Biogas Digestion Plant Selection for All Types and Sizes

Looking for an anaerobic digester for sale? Can we help you find your best biogas digester plant?

We have been writing about anaerobic digestion and biogas production for the last 15 years on this website. So, we know a bit about the different models of these plants that are available at different sizes, and for the most popular uses.

We don't sell them, but we can assist you in making your choice.

We are independent of any supplier, so we can advise you on your best choice. A choice across the whole range of available suppliers.

Home Biogas Plants for Sale

A growing range of biogas digesters is available for sale for home use. These are kept in backyards and gardens and are generally fed daily with kitchen scraps.

Designs vary, but most use either rigid plastic digester tanks, or flexible plastic membranes. Suppliers of home biogas plants usually provide only one size, intended for average to large family sizes.

Prices range from $500 to approximately $1,500

Community Scale Biogas Digesters for Sale

The next step up in size takes us to the community biogas plant scale. These plants are sold off the peg to standard sizes. There are usually several sizes available.

They are offered for sale to provide biogas production to a community such as a village or a block of flats (developing nations). In the developed world they are sold to smallholding owners, and possibly to small businesses which produce a lot of vegetable waste.

These may be of similar construction materials to the home digesters (G). They may also be made of bricks and mortar, as in the Fixed-dome digester, part brick and part plastic with a steel drum or plastic gas-collector as in the Floating-drum digester (L), or Balloon Digesters (H). Other types are also available, and not shown here.

They require a larger footprint area than the home biogas digesters for sale, which usually means they are located on spare ground in the corner of a field, or similar space.

Prices range from $1,000 to $30,000

Small Scale or Pocket Biogas Digesters for Sale

Small scale or “pocket” digesters are generally sold using standardized components individually selected to suit the requirements of each farm, smallholding or other organic waste (biomass) business.

Some innovative designs are available, such as the batch process containerized digesters shown in (M) above.

Large/ Commercial Biogas Digesters for Sale

Large, generally commercially operated biogas digesters are for sale in an even greater range of materials and configurations, just a few of which are illustrated here.

The biogas digesters in this size range are all individually designed to client specifications, and located on farms, sewage works etc. They may also be adapted to be used as biogas digesters for food waste processing.

Prices range from $1 Million to $25 Million.

Complete the form below, and we will contact you, usually within 24 hours to make suggestions about suitable biogas plants for sale to match your needs.

Complete this form, include the letter reference of the biogas plant image closest to your requirements, plus tell us where the digester will be located and what the feedstock source is, and we'll suggest who offers suitable biogas digesters for you.

(Service available for those in the UK, Europe and the US.)

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    • Tony Rase
    • April 10, 2019

    Useful! Awesome selection of AD plants for sale. The price ranges I like.

    • Taylor
    • April 12, 2019

    Where can I buy one today?

    • Will Meara
    • April 22, 2019

    I’ve been online more than three hours. Do you have secondhand digester for sale for an experimenter?

    • Sarine Bekarian
    • February 3, 2020

    Is it possible to have the dimensions for K & M plants?

      • radimin
      • February 5, 2020

      I presume that by dimensions you mean the overall footprint (land-take)? I would guess that the “K2 Type must be something like 15 metres square by counting the fence posts, perhaps a bit less. The “M” Type is trailer container based so the footprint area needed would be very much dependent on throughput rate. For “M” type it would be necessary to contact the manufacturer and find out the residence time for each batch based on your feed material proposed. I hope that helps.

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