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Image text: "Are Anaerobic Digesters Truly Green".

Are Anaerobic Digesters Truly Green and How Do They Work?

Anaerobic digesters are a popular alternative energy technology and their use is growing, but are they as green as their promoters would suggest? In order to discuss this, we also include information on how they work as the claims of climate reduction are really quite remarkable and need detailed explanation in order for our readers […]


Anaerobic Digestion of Whey – The Proven Biogas Technology Solution

Disposing of unwanted whey from commercial dairies, was once a considerable problem. But, that was before recent developments in biogas plant technology. The Problem with Whey Farmers can use only limited amounts of the nutrient-rich liquid. If they put too much of the whey on their land, the mixture will run off into nearby waterways, […]