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Seasons Greetings to All Our Visitors and Subscribers

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Hi! Seasons Greetings to all who visit our website, and if you don't celebrate Christmas please also accept our best wishes.

We hope this year's Christmas card (top of page) brings a smile to your face.

We also so much hope that reading our articles through 2023 has been enjoyable. Amazingly, we have just realized that we have been blogging here for 15 years already!

We have simply been posting to this blog every few days and in that time we have had many hundreds of thousands of visitors.

When the figures for the year 2023 are finally in and the numbers “crunched”, we are certain that we will find that the year saw globally:

  • more biogas plants operating than ever before pumping more energy into the world's homes and businesses than in all history

  • more new biogas plants completed than ever before

  • more shovels put into the ground to start building new AD plant starts than ever before

  • more publicity, and more politicians wanting to be credited for supporting AD plants!

Yes. It has been a remarkably good year for the biogas and anaerobic digestion industry, sustainability and renewable energy.
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Renewable energy output production from AD is growing to meet the targets set by the rising number of governments which have undertaken to support this very sustainable and environmentally friendly technology.


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