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The Hot Bacteria Used in Bio Thermic Digesters

Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) Gains Acceptance And May Become Major Competitor To Anaerobic Digestion

Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) is the term for an innovative type of industrial-scale biological high temperature-digester which uses Aerobic Extremophilic Bacteria to achieve a remarkably high level of mass reduction, and has been launched by waste treatment specialist Advetec. The technology is understood to be capable of rapidly processing significantly high volumes of organic municipal waste, […]

Costs of Anaerobic Digestion

Costs of Anaerobic Digestion

The Costs of Anaerobic Digestion are of course what everyone thinking of embarking upon a biogas project wants to know, and at the same time very few AD Plant owners and contractors want to give out their costs to a general audience, due to the commercially sensitive nature of such information. That’s why when we found […]

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Anaerobic Digestion of Whey Story – The Little Miss Muffet Connection?

Anaerobic digestion of whey may become routine (but not for Little Miss Muffett!). As the move toward universal adoption of the Anaerobic Digestion process gathers in momentum, one thing is becoming clear. Mix it with slurry. What is clear is that there are many more anaerobic digestion synergies than were first apparent, and this is […]