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Bioenergy Recruiting – The Next Phase in Energy Recruiting

All bioenergy recruiting in common with the anaerobic digestion and biogas/ bioresources industry is finding it increasingly hard to find the right people. This, and other factors, are propelling the industry into a transition into the next phase of outsourced energy recruiting.

More and more companies nowadays choose to leave the recruitment process to specialist agencies. It's easy to understand why: they're trained professionals with large databases of potential job candidates and can quickly fill a vacant position.

Why Use a Bioenergy Recruiting Service?

Whatever industry you're in, you'll find a suitable agency to meet your needs.

One of today's hot topics is renewable energy. There's a growing number of recruiters ready to provide for all kinds of projects, including biogas, wind energy, solar installation, renewable power, etc.

However, it's crucial to find the right agency that won't let you down. Find out more info about the number of people in each of the main renewable energy industry sectors on this website here.

Tips on Selecting a Bioenergy Recruiting Service

  1. Find a Capable Team

First of all, it's important to clarify the reasons for hiring an agency in the first place. Placing your company's future in the hands of outside recruiters is no small task: obviously, they should know the nuts and bolts of this industry to hire suitable candidates.

The staff of a professional and trustworthy agency consists of renewable power experts. Meaning, people who have studied the matter and have the necessary knowledge as if they're in the industry themselves.

Next, they have built solid networks of relationships.

Maintaining contact with a large number of people in this field will help them find future employees much faster.

Image text: "bioenergy recruiting the next phase in energy recruiting".

  1. Look for Proof

To get an idea of how a company is functioning, word of mouth is far from enough. Any respectable company owner will ask for evidence for the agency's efforts to ensure that they're not simply wasting their time. Recruiters can display their knowledge in a few different ways.

One way is to ask for portfolios that include successful projects. In fact, there's no better proof of someone's expertise than past work. If they can provide a list of accomplishments in the field of renewable power, then you're on the right track.

Of course, you'll need to check the veracity of these statements to avoid fraud, but even at first glance, you'll probably know if you're dealing with professionals or amateurs. Visit for more information on this topic.

Another way is to look for blogs. Looking at someone's writings can tell you a great deal about their degree of knowledge. If they include current topics, careful analysis, original thoughts on the given subject, then it's clear that you're after the right people for the job.

Or, they could be professional experts for real, but they avoid blogging and online writing as a whole. In that case, it would be best to assess their capability in person.

  1. Do more research than your competitors

On that note, it's more than evident that the first step towards hiring professionals for any job is quality research. Fortunately for company owners, now it's easier to do it than ever before.

An agency's website should provide the following information: recruitment strategies, experiences with renewables projects, timelines of achievements, memberships in trade associations (if any), etc. All these factors will help you get a much clearer idea of the agency in question and help you make a quicker decision.

On top of that, reading customer reviews of bioenergy recruiters is highly recommended. If the agency's been around for a longer time, there's probably a load of opinions available online, either good or bad, that will shape your perspective in a far more realistic way.

Feedback is by far the best indicator of quality: if most people are satisfied, they must be doing something right. But if all you find is negative remarks, then it's best to move on.

Bioenergy recruiter working on a laptop.

  1. Create A Long-Term Relationship

Finally, presuming you've hired the agency you wanted, there's an ongoing collaboration full of hope for future success. As time goes by, you realize that hiring a recruitment agency is a long-term investment. Why? Because they become a part of your work. They get to know your company, business strategies, so they can help you with bringing in new staff members in the future.

It's also important to keep in touch with recruiters, even after the candidate gets the job. Together, you should monitor the employee's progress (or regress) and build future strategies based on that experience. Hopefully, they will turn into an efficient system with excellent results for you and the recruitment agency.

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